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    The 17 Best Bars In Buenos Aires You Must Visit In 2016

    This year has 366 days for a reason.

    1. Borne

    If you're around San Telmo and you're looking for a good drink you can trust, whether it's a cuba libre, fernet, caipirinha, screwdriver, mojito, or cold, artisanal beer, you'll enjoy the ambiance here with some of the friendliest service in town.

    Address:Chile 419, Buenos Aires.

    2. Blue Dog

    Can you think of a better plan than going for some beers and papas bravas? Probably not. Blue Dog is already positioned as an obligatory stop in 2016. In addition to having a large selection of beers, the menu includes a delicious bondiola sandwich, a bratwurst-style pancho, and other not-to-be-missed tapas.

    Address: Gorriti 4758, Buenos Aires.

    3. Nicky Harrison

    Nicky Harrison is the coolest speakeasy in Buenos Aires: an exclusive bar hidden at the back of a sushi restaurant. It has the best bartenders, who will prepare your drinks in a sophisticated, relaxing atmosphere. It's members-only, but if you are not a member — and do not know one — you can enter by making a reservation at the sushi restaurant and later, after you've finished eating, they'll open the doors of heaven to you.

    Location: Malabia 1764, Buenos Aires.

    4. On Tap


    At On Tap you are going to drink the best of local beers. If you're hungry, don't miss out on the chance to try its divine hamburgers on the house-made bread. There's also a dessert that you can only get there and nowhere else, called "riffles." Don't forget!

    Location: Costa Rica 5527, Buenos Aires.

    5. Verne Club

    Enjoy a traditional hot dog with a heavenly drink and forget all your problems. The hot dogs at this place are sophisticated because they're made with gourmet sausages fried in beer. As for drinks, there's a bit of everything: from an elegant tasting menu of French beverages to cocktails from the 18th century, such as the popular White Jasmine inspired by Bombay, India.

    Location: Avenida Medrano 1475, Buenos Aires

    6. 878

    Always listed among the best bars in Argentina, 878 has even been considered among the best in the world on more than one occasion. But what is the real reason for this? We can start with the fact there is a specialized wine list with more than 130 labels, a standout gastronomic menu that varies according to the season, and, of course, divine cocktails. As for the decor, it's somewhere between elegant and modern and will make you feel at ease as soon as you set foot in the place.

    Location: Thames 878, Buenos Aires.

    7. Bierlife

    Have you ever eaten a pizza with dough made from beer? If the answer is a resounding no, you don't know what you're missing. If you're a barley fanatic, this place exists to improve your 2016: Thai potatoes in spicy beer salsa, mussels or sausages cooked in beer, lamb marinated in Irish red ale, and other culinary delights. Besides eating, you can drink in the garden. Guess what you can drink... BEER!

    Location: Humberto primero 670, Buenos Aires.

    8. Shout

    Over in El Retiro, inside a house built in French style, you will find this two-story bar where good music, tasty dishes, and the best cocktails will make you forget any desire you may have had to go anywhere else. The atmosphere is pleasant, which makes it ideal for a date, a meeting with old friends, or simply a night out by yourself.

    Location: Maipú 981, Buenos Aires.

    9. Nola

    What you can see in the photos above is Campari, a red beer, and a plate of chicken and waffles... If that doesn't make you come running, this will: Nola is a pub specializing in Cajun food. In other words, you can go there and eat the traditional food of New Orleans while enjoying the best craft beers and drinks of your life. Happy 2016 to you.

    Location: Gorriti 4389, Palermo Viejo. Buenos Aires.

    10. Frank's

    This is another bar that is "hidden" within the city of Buenos Aires. It could also be considered as speakeasy because in order to enter, you have to dial a secret number in a phone booth. After that, everything will be a journey until you manage to enter one of the city's best decorated bars. The drinks are to die for — so tasty — and the dress code is classified as "smart casual" by the owners; in other words, something cool that you feel comfortable in and that looks good on you — nothing complicated.

    Location: Arévalo 1445, Buenos Aires.

    11. Portezuelo

    If you are already familiar with Portezuelo, you'll know that it is well known for being an experimental restaurant. However, what you may not know is that its bar is completely exclusive and that you can go there to enjoy unparalleled drinks. There's a whiskey tasting menu and an extensive list of grappas, and the cocktails will never let you down. Now, if you come hungry, so much the better: The menu is not to be missed.

    Location: Vicente López 2160, Recoleta, Buenos Aires.

    12. Luzmala Bar

    From the outside, it looks like just another house with nothing to grab your attention, and that is exactly what is great about this place. Inside, it is exactly the reverse: full of really comfortable armchairs and several areas to sit to enjoy an original drink, a champagne, or whatever your palate feels like. Ask for whatever you want because they have it.

    Location: Arcos 2950, Buenos Aires.

    13. Duarte

    Duarte is the perfect place for some cold drinks after work. The music is great and the decor is pleasant. From the outside, it looks like an underground bar that nobody frequents, but you will feel at home once you are inside. Points in favor of this place include the garden, which is ideal for enjoying the summer nights.

    Location: Aráoz 1218, Buenos Aires.

    14. Dandy

    Located in Palermo Chico is this place with great cocktails. The atmosphere inside is comfortable, or, if you prefer, you can opt to sit on the sidewalk. The best thing is that this summer the bar will add refreshing drinks to its menu, so it is the perfect place for you to unwind in after a day of work or on a hot night.

    Location: Avenida del Libertador 2410, Buenos Aires.

    15. Kiboo Sake Bar

    What you can see in the photos doesn't do justice to what you will find at this place, which is referred to as "the first sake bar in Buenos Aires." Kiboo is not the typical Japanese restaurant that you go to in order to eat sushi and leave again. Rather, it is a place that you will spend ages in, and you won't want to leave. The food here is inspired by Japanese cuisine, the sake menu is the most complete one in the city, and there are wines if you prefer classic flavors, as well as some dreamy cocktails. Furthermore, there are several settings, such as a space where you can eat seated on the floor, a drinking room, another place with tables, and a terrace that is buzzing with life.

    Location: Honduras 5248, Buenos Aires.

    16. Singapur Lounge Bar

    Locals and visitors alike deserve to spend a magical night at this place, which has incredible drinks and pleasant music. When you go, make sure you begin with a cocktail... then you will have another, and another, because you will see that once you have one, you will become a fan of this sophisticated space surrounded by red velvet curtains.

    Location: Posadas 1029, La Recova, Recoleta, Buenos Aires.

    17. Florería Atlántico

    The space with the best smell in Buenos Aires. Behind a lovely store that sells wine, vinyls, and flowers is a charming restaurant/lounge — reached by passing through a refrigerator — that has been listed as one of the best in the world on more than one occasion. The cocktail list is divided into countries, so it is up to you to choose whether you feel French that night, a bit Italian, or perhaps 100% Argentinian. Creativity, the best atmosphere that you will find in the neighborhood, and a unique experience will greet you with each visit that you make to Florería Atlántico.

    Location: Arroyo 872, Buenos Aires.

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