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    16 Signs You May Be Secretly Emo

    If there's nothing you love more than an indie movie on a rainy day, keep reading.

    1. You openly admit that you love cloudy days.

    2. You mostly listen to sad music.

    3. You prefer indie movies with dark or sad endings.

    4. You always empathize with the oddest and least popular fictional characters.

    You like them because you identify with them.

    5. You prefer to wear black clothes over more colorful clothes.

    6. You don't get angry when someone cancels on you. In fact, it's always a relief.

    Now you're free to do whatever you want without any pressure.

    7. You cherish those days when you can just stay at home watching movies or TV.

    8. Very few things capture your attention like watching rain falling on your windows.

    9. You usually define yourself as a shy and reserved person.

    10. But when you do speak up, your comments tend to have an edge of sarcasm.

    11. You don't smile much but that doesn't necessarily mean that you're in a bad mood.

    12. You like dark literature.

    13. When you visit museums, you spend way more time really analyzing the art than most people, especially when a certain piece really speaks to you.

    14. You often have a hard time defining how you feel.

    15. When people called you "emo" growing up, it really got to you.

    16. But, at the end of the day, you're a little more sensible than most of your friends. (In fact, it's one of your best qualities.)

    This post was translated from Spanish.