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    20 Images Only Women With Long Hair Will Identify With

    Because it's not always easy walking around with that much hair on your head (even if it does look fabulous).

    1. When you try to make a stylish bun, and this is what you end up with.

    2. Or when you try to take a photo outside on a breezy day, but your hair just isn't having it.

    3. That moment when you're out on a run and you reach up to tighten your ponytail a little bit, but then this happens:

    4. Or when your scrunchie decides it wants to keep some of your hair for itself.

    5. As does your hairbrush...

    6. RIP to all the hair I've lost to the zipper gods.

    7. When your purse or backpack causes you unimaginable pain.

    8. When you go to the hairdresser, you feel sorry for the poor stylist who has to work on your Rapunzel-esque mane.

    9. The camera roll on your phone may or may not feature 20 or so pictures like this:

    10. There are few things worse than getting your hair caught in the seatbelt while you're driving.

    11. Except for maybe when someone insists on keeping the windows open during the car ride.

    12. You know for sure that this has happened to you.

    13. You have accepted that your black clothing will never be 100% hair-free.

    14. This is the only way that you're truly able to see the entirety of your hair.

    15. This is all you find on the floor of your house.

    16. Your hair soaks up all the cigarette smoke around you.

    17. This move is essential to achieving the perfect ponytail.

    18. You know that absolutely anything and everything that comes into contact with your hair runs the risk of never being set free again.

    19. You've definitely experimented to see how your hair looks "as a shirt" and also whether it's long enough to cover "the girls."

    20. And even though you accept that it's not always easy having long hair, you embrace the struggles, because you simply couldn't imagine having your hair any other way.

    This post was translated from Spanish.