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    19 Ideas To Help Make Your Next Instagram Post A Total Hit

    Here's how to Insta-upgrade that grid.

    1. Instead of settling for a mirror selfie, find a less conventional reflective surface and some photogenic surroundings — then snap away!

    2. Get all of your old Polaroids together for an instantaneous collage moment:

    3. Remember when everyone was posting upside-down and sideways selfies on Myspace? Do that, but in an interesting landscape:

    4. Going to the beach? Have a little fun super-imposing pieces of food on your friends:

    5. If you have a cute compact mirror on you, use it to reflect allllll your angles.

    6. Photograph a houseplant in extreme detail — and pay special attention to how the shadows fall:

    7. And play with shadows a bit!! You'll find interesting patterns from the most ordinary things, like window blinds...

    8. Or use shadows to give exotic (but overly-photographed) objects a new spin:

    9. Keep a full-length mirror in your home, and set up some staging around it so that your outfit 'grams always look on point:

    10. Put flowers in unexpected places...

    11. ...And in your pockets!

    12. Instead of leaving it all in the caption, use basic photo editing apps to add text wherever you want:

    13. Instead of taking photos of your food all by itself, get an action shot as you're diving in!

    14. If you wear prescription glasses, play with taking photos through the lens — especially if you're near-sighted and you want to bring something far-off into focus:

    15. Instead of trying to capture night lights in full detail, let them stay out of focus:

    16. When in doubt, photograph everyday moments from the bird's eye view:

    17. But don't be afraid to mix it up with a few worm's eye views, too:

    18. Show off your footwear by lying down and photographing your legs against a wall:

    19. And in general, always take advantage of a colorful, texture-filled backdrop:

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    This post was translated from Spanish.