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    This Italian Town Will Give You Actual Money To Just Live There


    This is Candela, a gorgeous little Italian town about 80 miles from Naples.

    Despite its charm, though, Candela has a tiny problem: it only has a population of about 2,700 people.

    So Nicola Gatta, Candela's mayor, came up with a plan: to pay people to live there.

    That's right: this Italian mayor is offering up to 2,000 euros — more than $2,300 — for you to pack your bags and just ~move to Italy.~

    There is a catch, of course: you have to rent a house and find a job that pays at least 7,500 euros a year.

    So, to recap: If you're dreaming of just ~leaving it all~ and moving to Italy, this is literally your chance.

    Honestly, you kind of don't have a reason to not move.

    Did we mention that you'd be eating Italian food like, all the time??

    And that your Instagram game would be THE MOST envy-inducing?

    Plus, you'll be just an hour from the beach...

    And get ahold of views like these basically every day.

    So...any reason you're still reading this instead of packing?

    This post was translated from Spanish.