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    16 Times Hipsters Ruined Coffee For The Rest Of Us

    Actually, can I just get it in a cup instead of an avocado? Thanks.

    1. When the hipster baristas thought it'd be cute to serve a latte out of an avocado.

    2. And then when they took it a step further and poured coffee into an orange.

    3. And then a kiwi. Why?

    4. Just say no when a hipster barista offers you a unicorn coffee.

    5. Of course, there's always the opposite option: when your barista makes you a "goth coffee" with charcoal.

    6. When hipsters decide to make you do all the work with "deconstructed" coffee.

    7. When hipster baristas put flowers on a latte to make it look ~tropical~.

    8. I mean, who in their right mind wants to eat dry flowers with their coffee?

    9. They even created this romantic coffee with rose petals on top of the foam.

    10. When they add marshmallows, sprinkles, and rose coloring to a simple and innocent coffee.

    11. And let's talk about the idea of adding cotton candy to coffee.

    12. Or when they add beet juice because...why not?

    13. When the hipsters started the fad of serving coffee from an ice cream cone (no ice cream included).

    14. Hipsters are also to blame for espresso tonic.

    15. Then there's this blue algae latte, which looks like something a Smurf might drink.

    16. And there's no forgetting this invention: coffee that you can spread on your toast, so you can have a "full breakfast".

    Anyway, long live classic black coffee, free of hipster intrusions.

    This post was translated from Spanish.