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16 Times Hipsters Ruined Coffee For The Rest Of Us

Actually, can I just get it in a cup instead of an avocado? Thanks.

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2. And then when they took it a step further and poured coffee into an orange.

Instagram: @we_natives

It probably tastes good, but it's not the best way to drink your coffee.


5. Of course, there's always the opposite option: when your barista makes you a "goth coffee" with charcoal.

@mister_to_barista / Via

Yes, the same charcoal that, according to bloggers, purifies water, whitens your teeth, cleans mold off your siding, and allegedly has anti-aging properties.

6. When hipsters decide to make you do all the work with "deconstructed" coffee.

@the_hungry_hen / Via

A snobby beverage that not only costs you more, but that you have to prepare yourself and leave a tip for, obviously.


11. And let's talk about the idea of adding cotton candy to coffee.

(Deep sigh.)


13. When the hipsters started the fad of serving coffee from an ice cream cone (no ice cream included).

@coffeeinaconeaus / Via

We don't doubt that this may taste good, but 1) it's not practical, and 2) why don't we leave the cone for ice cream and the cup for coffee?

This post was translated from Spanish.