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    18 Things That Only People Who Despise Human Contact Will Understand

    Let's just say you're not too... sociable.

    1. You prefer to use the stairs if it means avoiding having to enter an elevator with people in it.

    2. And if for some reason you do get on an elevator, you pray that no one else gets on with you, and that it doesn't stop on any other floors.

    3. Sometimes you don't understand why you reject fun invitations, just to watch TV at home.

    4. But then you remember how you feel when you're surrounded by noisy people:

    5. If you have to email someone who you don't like very much, you try to make it as brief as possible.

    6. And if you are about to leave your house and you hear your neighbors talking outside... well, better wait till they go.

    7. You don't have very much patience.

    8. Your biggest nightmare is strangers who want to make small talk with you.

    9. You know that you have a penetrating stare, but the truth is that while people are talking to you, you're just thinking about not being there.

    10. You have developed an impressive ability to smile and pretend to be interested in what the other person is saying, while in reality you're dead inside.

    11. Although most of the time, your face gives you away.

    12. You firmly believe in "I can't stand you" at first sight.

    13. You hate going shopping because it bugs you when the salespeople descend on you with no mercy.

    14. You have the best answers when people ask you why you are so bitter:

    15. You have often been told that you should be more chill/calm/serene/laid-back.

    Which, obviously, reduces your tolerance level even further.

    16. When people ask you, "When are we going out?" your response is always the same:

    17. When all is said and done, you admit that you have no problem being alone — quite the contrary.

    18. And you have learned that not being very sociable actually makes a great deal of sense in life:

    This post was translated from Spanish.