21 Pieces Of Definitive Proof That The "Dotticure" Is The New "Manicure"

They’re ~whimsical~, fun, and oh so chic!

1. There’s a new nail trend taking over Instagram, and TBH, it doesn’t look half bad at all.

@marmottenpa / Via instagram.com

Not one… drop. (Get it???)

2. World, meet the “dotticure.”

@shannonlisitzanails / Via instagram.com

“Dotticure,” meet the world.

3. This simple new kind of manicure consists of adding little dots to your nails.

@etsgetlacky / Via instagram.com

4. And it’s done by using a special, pointed tool, rather than the regular nail polish brush.

5. There are no fixed rules for a dotticure. Just add some dots to your nails and you’re good to go!

@44brebre / Via instagram.com

6. As you’ll see, the different combinations and styles you can try are endless.

@lackierereien / Via instagram.com

7. You can experiment with different polishes and patterns.

@so_nailicious / Via instagram.com

8. Or maybe go for rainbow dotted nails alongside a single super-glam nail for contrast.

@witchlings / Via instagram.com


9. If just one dot on each nail is enough for you, that’s totally cool, too.

@nailartbysig / Via instagram.com


10. Check out these white nails with little dots around the edges, in various shades of blue.

@missladyfinger / Via instagram.com

11. Green, gold, and bigger dots are kind of the look of the moment.

@roxxnlily / Via instagram.com

12. Is your style a tad more minimalistic? How about a natural nail with two-tone dots?

@nailsbytigerlily / Via instagram.com

13. You can also opt for a nude base with some vibrant, colored dots to give the look a playful vibe.

@julia_rthr / Via instagram.com

14. Gothic souls will love this look.

15. And the hopeless romantics will swoon over this floral take on the dotticure.

@elle_nail / Via instagram.com

16. Metallic tones make any manicure look spectacular.

@allthepolishes / Via instagram.com

17. Our love for neon has carried over into the nail polish world, too, and we’re so glad it did.

@banulovesnailpolish / Via instagram.com

18. So break out your favorite colors and break free from your routine.

@neatnailart / Via instagram.com

19. Enjoy yourself…

@madeleinails / Via instagram.com

20. Don a creative look to match your stellar personality.

@ojesergisi / Via instagram.com

21. Now you know the basics, so go forth and try it out for yourself, my friend.

@youngwildandpolished / Via instagram.com

This post was translated from Spanish.

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