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    23 Things You'll Only Get If You Majored In Communications

    No matter what your focus was, one thing holds true for us all: math isn't our thing.

    1. You're a specialist in leaving everything until the last minute.

    2. You studied with some very... interesting people

    3. A large percentage of the people in your class were only studying communications because they didn't know what else to study.

    4. There was always that one classmate who was only there because they wanted to be an actress, singer, or *celebrity*.

    5. Many of the prerequisites for your major felt like an unnecessary, annoying chore.

    6. You never understood people who studied (and even enjoyed!) math, physics, chemistry... or any other subject that involved even the simplest mathematical calculations.

    7. Many of your professors were in dire need of a technological intervention.

    8. You were taught to be objective, but also that objectivity does not exist.

    9. Watching movies was part of your academic studies.

    10. You always had time to have a good time.

    11. Making a typo on Twitter or Facebook makes you react in the worst possible way.

    12. If your focus was Journalism, watching the news makes you lose your will to live.

    13. And if you chose to specialize in Audiovisual Communications, your definition of a friend is someone who's willing and available to act in one of your short films.

    14. You've learned to doubt everything.

    15. Your non-communications major friends thought that going out on a weekend to take pictures for a project was "just for fun."

    16. You studied with more women than men.

    17. Little by little, you became a decent critic.

    18. When someone tells you they don't like reading or writing.

    19. You learned one thing early on: you can never get along with everyone.

    20. You're always up-to-date. On everything. Unlike your engineering friends, you always know what's going on in that big scary world out there.

    21. Group assignments never ended well.

    22. It was never about memorizing, but rather living and enjoying what you do.

    23. And if you're ever asked if you would study communications again, if you could turn back time...

    This post was translated from Spanish.