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    18 Terrifying Clowns that Will Keep You From Ever Sleeping Again

    Coulrophobics shouldn't even click on this one.

    1. Halloween's coming up! It's that time of year when the most macabre minds are out on display.

    @ellycatt / Via

    2. Makeup like this obviously requires a ton of talent...

    @alywagon / Via

    3. ...but also a twisted mind.

    @miss_stryx / Via

    4. And if you yourself have a dark, twisted mind, you're going to love this one.

    @hairbyshannablair / Via

    5. But if clowns terrify you, you'll probably not be super into this one.

    @akhanartistry / Via

    PS - You suffer from coulrophobia. An irrational fear of these adorable creatures.

    6. Check this one out! Perfect for any kid's birthday party.

    @shaulrivas / Via

    7. Ok... I think I'm starting to understand why nobody likes them.

    8. With that fake smile always plastered across their faces...

    @anticreative13 / Via

    9. ...and that deep, penetrating stare...

    @maritza_alis / Via

    10. ...saying, "Come play with me." No thanks!

    @katesulcova / Via

    11. She just wants to be your friend.

    @dupemag / Via

    12. Oh! She seems nice! Look! Someone even gave her a hug.

    @julieartistic7 / Via

    13. Adorable.

    @miss_stryx / Via

    14. Psst, this lovely creature has a secret to tell you. Want to hear it? Just get a little closer.

    @angelahixmua / Via

    15. Remember... it's what's on the inside that counts.

    @reallymili / Via

    16. Especially when the insides come leaking out.

    @theelephantpink / Via

    17. Hope you've enjoyed the pictures! Don't forget that they'll always be watching you.

    @megana_morrison / Via

    18. And if you actually made it this far, CONGRATULATIONS! You've conquered your fear, or maybe discovered a new one.

    @akhanartistry / Via

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