Greg Shilling
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    • Greg Shilling

      Well, first of all, I think I hear what you’re saying. It IS important there are dignified and empowering representations of the gay community. And for a long, long time representations of the LGBTQ experience were so rare and far between that it made sense to really examine each one critically and ask, “is this how we want the community to be perceived?”  I think that now, there are enough queer representations in the media that we can ease that level of scrutiny. Not every gay character has to speak for ALL gays, and not every show has to universally represent the life experience of everyone in the community. Personally, I think Drag Race is great. It doesn’t represent my experience, and I wouldn’t show it to someone and say “here, THIS will make you understand what it’s like to be me!” But its fun and it’s interesting to look at. And whatever else it is, it’s a show about talented and creative people at the top of their profession, who are asked to push themselves and their art form to new heights.

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