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The Smart Highway Of The Future

The Road Knows.

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Smart Highway is envisioning the future of our Highways.

A public space art project in the Netherlands.

Working with a great team of Designers and Engineers.

Studio Roosegaarde is working on new interactive landscapes of the future.

When people talk about innovation and mobility, everyone always focuses on the car.

Roads are usually planned around the cheapest solution.

Can't roads be more of an interface or experience of information?

Is it snowing? Let me check the road.

In Europe and the USA the government is shutting down streetlights to save money.

That's not very safe, is it?

Drawing inspiration from glow in the dark stars and jellyfish.

Who didn't have these stars growing up?

They created glowing lines which draw power from sunlight in the day.

It's so shiny.

Glowing lines is a series of smart coatings. In the end lines can go from visible to invisible and even change different colors.

Now that's fancy.

In another public art project called “crystal,” rocks of light get their electricity from the ground with no cables or wires.

They made rocks fun too?

Using that technology, another focus of Smart Highway is the charging of electric cars while driving.

A red carpet for electric cars.

The goal of Smart Highway is to make landscapes that are future proof and energy neutral while also incredible poetic.

Now get driving.

Watch the entire video here.

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