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    • gregc40

      Suggested answers: 0) Yes. Have you?
      1) No problem, you wretched dogturd. Oh sorry, are you sensitive about being called a dogturd?
      2) Why don’t you ever filter the stupid shit your brain comes up with?
      3) Sh. It’s a surprise. Don’t ruin it.
      4) In a salad, which is the steak, the tomato or the onions?
      5) That IS me! Hi cousin!
      6) I’m glad my personal life gives you masturbation material. Good for you!
      7) I always knew you were a douche! We were BOTH right, huh?
      8) Turns out it’s not my job to fix your gender ignorance.
      9) (Good response, bro)
      10) Wow, thanks for explaining ME to ME.
      11) They were horribly mangled in a water buffalo attack. But hey, thaks for bringing it up.
      12) Waiting for my State to make it legal. My boyfriend’s a chick, BTW.
      13) Amazing how you can be homophobic AND conceited in one sentence.
      14) Please get to know me, don’t get to “guess” me.
      15) Oh good, because I thought you might stereotype me.
      16) You don’t call a dude a “she,” dude.
      17) Would you introduce someone as “my black friend”??
      18) When you get home, google “projecting”.
      19) Oh, I see. It’s funny because you said an insult.

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