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Labor Day Slogans That Were Never Approved By Father Time

"Labor Day in the United States is a holiday celebrated on the first Monday in Sept”...

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Labor Day: Finally The Kids Are Going Back To School

Labor Day: Traffic

Labor Day: A Celebration Of Your Summer Diet

Labor Day: The Realization That You Never Started Your Summer Diet

Labor Day: Time To Start Your Winter Diet

Labor Day: The Culmination Of Family Parties You Never Want To Go To

Labor Day: Last Time To Wear White This Year

Labor Day: Sell Your Stock For The Local Liquor Store

Labor Day: An Excuse To Start Drinking At 11:00am

Labor Day: Let Us Celebrate A Four Day Work Week

Labor Day: The Birthday Of Pumpkin Spice

Labor Day: How Is It Already September?

Labor Day: Boats And ... Dads

Labor Day: The Celebration Of Working By Not Working

Labor Day: The Day To Put Your Liver To Work

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