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Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired By HBO’s “The Leftovers"

For those people who plan their Halloween costume months in advanced

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1. Kevin Garvey

Go to the party as a cop. Half way through the night you have permission to black out, go crazy, and kill the dog.

Kevin Garvey

Total: $134.94-$1,559.94+

Cop Outfit

Costume Craze- $43.94

Jogging Outfit

Walmart- $16.00

Personal Trainer

Between $75.00-$1,500+ (get to work now)

Arm Candy

Jennifer Aniston
N/A The Night of 10/31/2014

2. Member of the GR

Even though it will be after Labor Day, get your white back out, and get ready to PARRRRRTY (silently).

Member of The GR

TOTAL: $51.13 (depending on cigarette costs)

What you will need to be in the elite GR:

White Shirt

H&M- $17.80

White Pants

Kohl’s- $14.49

White Undies (Optional)

Target- $10.99

Case of Cigarettes

Corner Store- Price Will Vary

Pad of Paper

Staples- $0.17


Staples- $0.68

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