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  • Emerald Ash Borer

    The emerald ash borer is an invasive species of beetle that causes destruction of ash trees. These beetles were introduced to North America by accident in the 1990’s and they continue to spread through the U.S. and Canada. The adult emerald ash borer is metallic green in color and feeds on ash tree leaves and their larvae are white with long, segmented bodies and they feed on the sapwood under the bark.

  • Double Pane Vs. Tempered Glass

    Tempered glass and double pane glass serve very different purposes because of their different qualities. Double pane glass is better suited for home windows because its insulation properties, due to the double layer of glass, make this glass more energy efficient and good for noise reduction. Tempered glass is more suitable for extreme conditions because it is more heat resistant than normal glass and it breaks into oval pieces which is much safer than glass shards.

  • Clean Air Ducts For Energy Savings

    The air duct cleaning services offered by Green T can benefit your home by increasing the efficiency of your heating and cooling system, leading to lower energy costs. Dust and debris builds up in the system as it operates which can clog the system if ignored. This results in poor air circulation which forces the system to work harder and consume more energy to push air through. An overworked system is also quicker to malfunction.

  • Yellow Jackets

    Yellow jackets are social wasps that live and work together in colonies. They can be quite beneficial to the surrounding plant life because they prey on plant-eating bugs and pollinate the vegetation of the area. Yellow jackets can become pests however if they are disturbed while scavenging or if their nests are disturbed because of their defensive nature. It is best to try to avoid contact with yellow jackets and their nests if you see any on your property, and if there is a nest that poses a constant threat because of its location, it is best to have Green T Pest Control safely remove it.

  • Debris Cleanup Service

    Green T Landscaping offers fall and spring cleaning services to keep landscapes clean and free of debris. These services are beneficial for prepping landscapes in the spring and fall as well as cleaning up landscapes full of debris left by storms. Green T’s cleanup service also includes mulching, weed removal, and edging.

  • Pet Stain Removal

    Green T Carpet Cleaning uses the hot water extraction method to remove all types of carpet stains including pet stains. The first thing you should do if a pet stain occurs is soak it up while its fresh and thoroughly rinse the area with cold water. Green T can remove the stain with machines that blast carpets with 250 degree water that cleans and sanitizes the carpet.

  • Starter Fertilization

    One of the best ways to ensure the re-growth of your lawn after a long winter is to apply starter fertilizer in the fall. Starter fertilizer is a powerful fertilizer that boosts germination for fast growth. If starter fertilizer is applied before the winter, it will help the grass seeds germinate and grow back the following spring.

  • Aeration And Over Seeding

    Performing core aerations and over seeding on your lawn late in the season is the best way to prepare your lawn for the cold winter months. The aeration process involves removing 3-4 inch plugs of grass over the entire lawn so that seeds, water, and nutrients can fall into these holes and absorb closer to the root system. It is beneficial to over seed after aeration so that the seeds can easily reach the root system.

  • Indoor Air Pollution

    Indoor air pollution is a greater risk to our health than outdoor air pollution. The pollution levels indoors can be up to several times higher and people spend much more of their time indoors. Exposure to indoor air pollution can cause common cold-like symptoms that can develop into respiratory diseases over time. One way to greatly improve the indoor air quality of a home is to have the air duct system thoroughly cleaned.

  • Green T Carpet Cleaning St. Louis

    Green T Services now has carpet cleaning services available for our St. Louis customers. With the hot water extraction method, we can thoroughly clean and sanitize carpets, area rugs, and upholstery. This method is safe for use by people and pets shortly after cleaning because it requires no chemicals

  • Grub Control

    Green T offers grub control applications to our lawn care customers in the St. Louis area. Grubs are beetle larvae that cause permanent damage to lawns by feeding on the root system. Damaged areas become discolored and easily peel away. Green T applies a pesticide to prevent grub infestations in the late spring and early summer stages and has a Dylox treatment for infestations.

  • Summer Carpet Cleaning Tips

    Summer time is upon us which means our homes will be open to more foot traffic tracking dirt and debris into the house. This will especially cause stress on the carpet but there are some simple tips to follow to help maintain the health of your carpet through the season. Removing your shoes before entering the house and vacuuming your carpets regularly can help avoid extra wear on the carpet.

  • Green T Lawn Care Donates Services to Humanitarian Service Project

    Green T Lawn Care has donated their services to help improve the appearance of the Humanitarian Service Project’s headquarters in Carol Stream. We treated their property with complimentary fertilizer and weed control applications. The Humanitarian Service Project was founded in 1979 to provide aid for impoverished families and senior citizens.

  • Negative Air Pressure Machine

    Air duct cleaning is an important aspect of household cleaning and a good way to remove indoor air pollution from the breathing air. The source removal method creates negative air pressure within an air duct system to contain debris within the workspace. The negative air pressure creates an inward airflow that keeps debris from flowing out of the system and into the air under the principle that air flows from high pressure to lower pressure.

  • Awning

    Awning windows can add architectural style to a room while allowing in more light. Awning windows swing open inward from the bottom and feature folding handles for easy opening and cleaning. These windows come in many color and style varieties to match the décor of any room. Talk to a window installation professional about installation and your options for new awning windows.

  • Fleas

    Fleas are one of the most common pests and can enter your home in a variety of ways. Fleas mostly attack pets and small mammals but have been known to bite humans if there is no other host. Pest control services will survey your property and treat any potential entry points, attics and crawlspaces, and the perimeter of a home to help prevent further or future infestation.

  • Crab Grass

    The high survival and reproductive rate of crabgrass helps this weed sprout annually to spread up to 150,000 seeds in a season. Crabgrass has wide, flat leaves that form in a clump that can grow up to a foot in diameter. Healthy root systems and preventative pre-emergent applications can help protect a lawn from crabgrass growth. The cold temperatures of fall and winter kill the crabgrass but not its seeds. It is important to apply weed control once crabgrass is spotted to eliminate it before it fully grows and begins seeding.

  • Green T Services

    Green T Services is a locally owned company located in Aurora with many divisions that provide household services to the Chicago area. The services offered by Green T include lawn care, window replacement, landscaping, carpet cleaning, pest control, and online marketing. Green T also has a lawn care division located in St. Louis serving the St. Louis and St. Charles areas. Green T does not subcontract and they hire all their own professional employees to perform quality service at an affordable price. Green T strives to make their brand the most reliable in household services in the Chicago area.

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