Greeniters are for people who want to “Green it !” the world we are living in via clean technology.
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  • Help Us to Move Beyond Nuclear in Japan

    Our petition addressed to NISHIOKA Takeo President House of Councillors(The National Diet of Japan) is reaching its 50th signatures, can we (Japanese citizens) count on you? It’ll just take a minute! Once you’re done, please ask your friends to sign the petition as well. Grassroots movements succeed because people like you are willing to spread the word!

  • Think Outside of the “choc” Box On Valentines (a Game That Turns Scores Into Donations to #breast #cancer #awareness)

    Earn Karma points, support a great cause and have fun all at the same time with Bliss HD+, a super fun and addictive puzzle game that helps raise money for breast cancer awareness. Turn your scores into donations for breast cancer research. As you earn points, you achieve pink Ribbon Codes. You can submit these Ribbon Codes at Play Well, Do Good! Get it Free Today >

  • GreenITers IPhone/iPad App Just Launched

    GreenITers App delivery mobility capability to all our members as well as news plus our tweets that has over 36,000 followers/members. Like most online communities you must register to take part in, Signing up for GreenITers is FREE, and takes 30 secs at max and can be done after downloading this app. GreenITers Community Introduction: GreenITers provides an online green community, where everyone from top academics to the average person with an interest in preserving the planet through eco-friendly technology, can get together online and share ideas, new gadgets, scientific news and break-through. As a member, people can join groups, existing groups cover topics such as solar power, wind energy, ocean wave power Electric Vehicles, Green IT, Green Building, biofuel, Nature Protection, Climate Change and Green Innovations. These are great areas to post images, video, discuss ideas and collaborate on projects. Other features include news share, photo library, and blog. Whether members are interested in green motoring technology or solar powered gadget re-chargers, or even how to generate energy from trees, this is a great place to whet your appetite, and work with or read posts from other GreenITers`s members. It is going to take a global team effort to have an impact on climate change, and provides a place where global green like-minded individuals can come together and progress into real clean technology solutions to the world. motto: GreenITers are for people who want to “Green it!” the world we are living in via clean technology.

  • Launched delivers paid Eco-based smart phone apps for free for a period of 24-hours. What`s an Eco App? It is a new generation of smartphone applications that provide meaningful information that can make a positive social and environmental impact.

  • Are You?

    Are you tired of searching through thousands of Apps just to find a few Eco ones? Tired of paying for every Eco App you tried on? So are we, and that`s why we are building EcoAppsFree. Fill in your email at and we will let you know when we launch.

  • Greenit! IPhone App (Video Demo) Must See

    Link to Apple Store> Want to green the world around you and make a difference with your iPhone? Greenit! let you do just that. The old saying is true. A picture IS worth one thousand words. And if you’re an Eco-conscious individual you can prove how the world would be a better place by taking pictures using your iPhone and add on green elements (from nature (flowers, trees, grass, plants etc… to clean technology such as solar panels, wind turbines …) that will illustrate how that exactly change could be achieve. Think of a place around your neighborhood that would be better out if it was sustainable? Snap a picture of the reality and greenit! as you wish. Just like before and after results, you could give your cause or argument a real impact. Greenit! offers enough green elements variation that will open any non-sustainable mind to new possibilities. Great also for: architects,designers,planners,activists and green business professionals in general. Greenit! allows to add also texts to each picture so you can go into details on your greenit! idea. After you finish “greenit!”, you can save and send the result to your twitter and facebook accounts as well as via e-mail to your friends or/and co-workers. Last but not the least, you could join and update your greenit! pictures at our own community at as well as see others greenit! works. View Media ›

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