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How Adorkable Are You?

Who doesn't love someone being adorkable?

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  1. 1. Check all that apply

    You make science puns
    You can be described as quirky cute weird
    People have assumed that you're a vegetarian
    You use a toy screwdriver to fix things... and are an adult
    You wear pink earmuffs to important events
    You play ukulele
    you listen to old music
    you wear polka dots
    you wear bright colors
    you dress your own way
    you're awkward
    you've used the phrase "getting my politics on"
    you have at least one weird collection least two
    ...more than three
    you have an interesting taste in socks shoes
    You wear glasses because you can
    your laugh can be described as strange/different
    you're clumsy
    you're REALLY clumsy
    you can be embarrassingly sweet
    you can be described as a nerd
    you've been know to make a mustache out of your hair
    people tousle your hair
    you rock the socks with sandals look
    your go to in pictures is duck face
    you love science pick-up lines
    you find researching things fun
    you embrace your dorkyness
    you feel very passionate about something that some think is weird
    you take TV shows WAY too seriously
    books are your best friends
    you still watch little kids shows AND ENJOY THEM
    you laugh at things that no one else understands
    you have been called adorkable on more than one occasion
    you cal yourself adorkable

How Adorkable Are You?

You are not adorkable :( You don't make that many "witty" puns and might not get some of them. But don't worry YOU STILL HAVE TIME!!! Brush up on some nerdy things and make bad jokes, it will change your life for the better

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You're Pretty Adorakable! You do some pretty adorkable things in your free time, but you could do more. Keep up the good work!

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You are quite adorkable! You impress people with your witty puns and your excitement for knowledge. You must be very popular with everyon

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