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7 Questions All Non-Catholics Who Go To A Catholic College Are Tired Of Hearing

Wait... you're not Catholic?

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1. "If you're not Catholic, then why are you here?"


Believe it or not, there are many reasons why people choose to go to a Catholic school. It could be anything from the program, to the closeness to home, to even the way the school looks.

4. "What's it like to not be Catholic?"


We could ask you what it's like to be Catholic if we really wanted to. We don't mind telling you about our religion but when you get asked every day it gets kind of annoying.

5. "Do you still take communion?"


A lot of us are still Christian so yes we do. But we are not allowed to take communion in the Catholic Church by the Catholic Church. This sucks for us but hey we go to a Catholic school.

6. "You do know that Catholicism is the one true religion right?"


Ummm,,,no. Do we go around saying that our religion is the one true religion? We don't get the whole Catholic superiority thing. Please explain why you are superior to us?

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