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    30 Reviewer-Loved Couches From Wayfair To Affordably Replace Your Old One

    Please, take a seat.

    1. A velvet square arm sofa that you can wrap yourself in whenever the workday is coming to an end. Mega bonus points: It's also a sleeper! I'm almost certain this is what the song "Blue Velvet" is all about: "Bluer than velvet was the night / Softer than satin was the light."

    2. A leather sofa that'll give you the always much-needed refinement that comes with everything leather. Faux leather gracefully coats the couch, and the deep rich wooden legs give the entire room a hearty, earthy feeling.

    3. A tufted sofa because this timeless, majestic design has been a statement piece for centuries and will only continue to wow your guests. Tufts are all the rage, while sapphire velvet (not a bad name for an adult contemporary band) adds the good feels.

    a sapphire velevet tufted and upholstered sofa with brown, wooden legs

    4. An sophisticated nailhead sofa to help transform your living room into Studio 54 in the most not-cheesy way possible. The studded tufts add something regal, and the royal navy material is, well...royal.

    5. A fabulous loveseat that looks like it came out of the Renaissance Museum of Style. Between the arching backrest, timeless tufts, and jewel-toned colors, you have a statement piece that delivers the utmost comfort.

    6. A two-piece corduroy-esque sectional because two is better than one, obvs, and the extra space just means more time on the couch to enjoy your winter festivities. I mean, can't you just imagine taking a post-Thanksgiving nap on this expansive sectional?

    the gray couch

    7. A modern and classy sofa that'll give you some much-needed flash as well as a dreamy velvet fabric (we love velvet here if you haven't noticed) that's perfect for taking it easy. The included pillows add some curves and ties into the room so nicely.

    a navy colored velvet sofa with metalic legs in a living room

    8. A perfectly mid-century sofa that adds an old-timey aesthetic without feeling like you just got it from your grandma. The fabric is stain-resistant (yes, you read that right), the solid wood frame is sturdy, and the stax rust color is anything but ordinary.

    9. A very contemporary loveseat so you can have a piece of furniture from the future but — today! The tuxedo arms wrap around the back and make it feel like you're sitting on thin air; talk about dinner and a show.

    10. An eclectic paisley sofa because when you combine a funky-looking item with a perfectly old-time aesthetic, the results are nothing but spectacular. The red and yellow cross-coloring catches the eye while also being inviting and comforting.

    11. An adorable sleeper sofa that'll be perfect for just hanging around and watching TV, taking it easy for a quick nap, or transporting your WFH "office" to the couch. The dark green blends into most rooms perfectly, and the rose gold legs provide just a little ~flash.~

    an upholstered sleeper sofa in a modern-looking living room

    12. A faux-leather and metallic sofa to help add some very subtle yet just-as-effective flair to the living room. Sometimes a colossal TV just won't update the room as much as a creamy-colored leather and gold metallic blend.

    13. A squashy sofa that comes in 97 different colors so you can have some high-stakes style with a low-stake budget for maximum fun. This fine comfort machine has a lovely purple eggplant color and cushy cushions.

    the eggplant colored couch

    14. A wide faux leather tufted convertible sofa because while leather always looks good, it is never good for napping (I mean, those leather marks on your face aren't the best feature). Instead, enjoy a leather sofa designed to be a perfect snoozing haunt.

    a dark gray faux leather tufted convertible sofa in a living room

    15. A Serta full-size sleeper sofa because sleepers are no longer those hotel-styled pull-out, upholstered nightmares with the lumbar-destroying rail under the mattress. This one is made by Serta, who are sleep experts, so you know it's going to be comfy. Accompanied by two throw pillows, you will have no problems receiving compliments while being super functional.

    16. A hip-looking split-back convertible sofa that'll give you everyday comfort while also wowing your guests with the unusual bright mustard color. Just add a few color-opposing pillows, and you will have an instant statement piece with minimal effort.

    a mustard-colored splitback convertible sofa in a southwestern living room

    17. A cloud-gray sofa that is just begging for you to enjoy your Earl Grey tea and shortbread cookies. Sip your morning delights (whatever they may be) as you let the lazy days sway away.

    a cloud gray sofa in a living room with wide windows

    18. A genuine caramel leather sofa that'll give you a place to rest after you crush it being a CEO (or at least a CEO-at-heart). Kickback, relax and smell the warm, fragrant leather with every sit.

    19. A cushy outdoor loveseat because with temperatures turning from cold to warm soon, it is the perfect bonfire furniture for spring. Enjoy the extreme comfort and orange color while you cozy up to a book and a hot cup of mulled wine.

    20. A chaise sectional that is here to be your hot new binge-watching location with its welcoming U-shaped design. Truly relax as you rest easy via the included double ottomans and plush seating.

    21. A shiny velvet sleeper to help add contemporary vibes (and more velvet) to an everyday essential. Just because a sofa is necessary doesn't mean you have to opt for a staid, yawn-inducing fixture. Instead, you have options — like one with a bright emerald color and a fold-out feature.

    an emerald colored sofa in a modern looking living room

    22. A chic chaise sectional (say that three times fast) that's big on function and form with its minimal design and modern aesthetic. Between the thin wooden legs and luscious white color, I'd say you have a 2-for-1 situation here.

    23. Or a compact chaise sectional because a stylish living room is all about contrast and complements. Aside from the neutral goes-with-anything look, this sectional is perfect for chilling, relaxing, chill-laxing, and working in your ad hoc WFH office.

    24. A stylish outdoor loveseat that will keep the tropical vibes with you at all times, even when the temperatures start to dip. You still have plenty of time if it gets a little cooler outside, so relax on the beautiful wood and plush cushions with a hot beverage in hand.

    25. A non-traditional sofa to propel your living room into a new millennium with a simple shape change. The silky navy material shimmers in the room, and the bright golden legs genuinely make the space pop.

    26. A bubbly tufted sofa so you can own a piece of furniture that offers tufts galore with its spellbinding pattern. The mixture of velvet and tufts makes for the ultimate statement piece without being gaudy.

    black bubbly tufted couch

    27. A teal sofa that'll be perfect for watching those lengthy football games as you go in for a hearty portion of seconds of Thanksgiving fixins. The cushions are plush, the color is dazzling, and the nailheads metallic — all making for a perfect family room.

    a teal sofa with metal tufts in a cozy living room

    28. A simple and classic sofa because I must inform you that something known as a "sleeper sofa" will be dreamy and comfortable. And this isn't like your old rickety dorm futon — it's a lovely retro-style olive green sofa that is perfect for a quick power nap.

    the olive green sofa

    29. A long, fancy-shmancy couch that will actually give you legroom to lie down (I know, and they said it couldn't be done). You know my feeling on tufts, and one where you can actually sprawl out and enjoy your favorite TV show is just the cherry on top.

    30. And a leather sofa with recliners and cup holders that will be perfect for never having to move a muscle during football or your latest TV show obsession. Aside from the sleek deep black "leather," you also have some serious arm room, and when the day is just being too much, you can simply recline your troubles away.

    a black leather sofa in a living room

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