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    Alo Yoga Is Having A 20% Off Sitewide Sale For Cyber Monday, So You Can Score Some New Leggings

    It's time for some new workout clothing.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    You don't have to understand the metaverse to know you can save big on Cyber Monday. So, reverse swan dive up, interlace those fingers, and bring them towards your computer during Alo Yoga's Cyber Monday sitewide 20% off sale now.


    That's right, we're talking 20% off Alo Yoga leggingstank topsaccessories, and more! 

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    So let's check out some of what you can score:

    1. A pair of high-waist leggings to get you through even the toughest yoga classes. From brutal hot yoga to just kicking it easy at home, the signature airlift fabric will make you question just how comfy a pair of leggings can fit.

    model wearing high-waist leggings
    Alo Yoga

    Promising review: "I love the airlift leggings, they don't slide down at all and are so comfy to practice and to wear daily :). Super smooth and a beautiful grounding color (olive green)." —darya i

    Price: $83 (originally $118; available in sizes XXS-L and 17 colors)

    2. A seamless long sleeve shirt to put the "breathe" in "breathable material." Aside from feeling like you're wearing nothing at all, the material helps wick the sweat away.

    model wearing long sleeve shirt
    Alo Yoga

    Promising review: "I like the light weight and the athletic fit. I run in this shirt. It protects me from the sun and breathes well, so I don't overheat. I like the light, but not white, color for reflecting the sun." —Keric M

    Price: $70 (originally $88; available in men's sizes S-XL and six colors)

    3. A new yoga mat if you want to tackle those gnarly HITT workouts between pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes. A good yoga mat is the best investment you can ever make, and getting one at a discount will keep you flexible for many years to come.

    model stretching on yoga mat
    Alo Yoga

    Promising review: "I will never buy another brand of yoga mat ever again! This was my very first purchase with Alo, and I am more than pleased. The warrior mat is heavy, not cheap and lightweight. Plus it looks super cool too! Definitely obsessed!" —Halie W

    Price: $80 (originally $100; available in ten colors) 

    4. A pair of nylon lens sunglasses to give you some Terminator flair to champion your sport. The rainbow-like reflective lenses are not only performance-enhancing but are eye-catching when owning the streets.

    model wearing sunglasses
    Alo Yoga

    Promising review: "I have been looking for a pair of sunnies I could wear for baseball or golf, and this is the one. They are super lightweight and and fit really well I typically have a hard time with glasses because I have a smaller face and they either look too oversized or just don't fit my head and ears well but these do the trick." —Betty M 

    Price: $120 (originally $150, available in two colors)

    5. A running jacket because the temperature dropping is not going to prevent us from hitting the pavement. You would be mistaken to believe a lightweight and functional jacket like this doesn't come with pockets and a hood to protect you from the elements.

    Model waring the lightweight running jacket in green
    Alo Yoga

    Promising review: "I super love the fit and how it is water repellent. Perfect fit for my size and flattering color for my skin tone!" —Patrick S

    Price: $102 (originally $128; available in men's sizes S-2XL and six colors) 

    6. An ultra-soft hoodie so you will be ready for sunrise yoga or jogs to the morning coffee shop. Made with a soft ribbed knit and available in some vibrant colors, you will have no problem getting compliments from your fellow yogis.

    model wearing hoodie
    Alo Yoga

    Promising review: "Super comfy hoodie that is really cute on instead of most hoodies that are box shaped." —Casey M

    Price: $78 (originally $98; available in sizes XS-L and nine colors)

    7. A two-in-one short/pants combo to get you through some seriously burly (and cold) workouts (or jogging over to get those fresh-out-the-fryer apple cider donuts). The four-way-stretch fabric lets you move more fluidly while exercising and wicking off the sweat.

    model wearing short/pants combo
    Alo Yoga

    Promising review: "These are great! Super comfy and extremely well-made. They are my new favorite shorts to wear." —Scott M

    Price: $83 (originally $118; available in men's sizes S-2XL and five colors)

    8. A pullover sweater because this may just be the fluffiest and creamiest sweater ever made. Nothing says winter than putting on a soft like warm butter sweater — and with some deep solid colors to boot.

    Model wearing the sweatshirt in gray
    Alo Yoga

    Promising review: "There are reviews that mention the sweatshirt piles. I didn’t even get the chance to ask before the sales rep said 'if you want to avoid this from piling, turn it inside out, wash on gentle and lay flat to dry.' I love this sweatshirt! So comfortable!" —Michelle R

    Price: $67 (originally $84; available in XS–XL and eight colors)

    9. A pair of scrunch socks that will last you well past the cold winter days. Designed with some ultra-comfy and breathable material, your workout of choice will feel oh so satisfying when breaking a sweat.

    model wearing socks
    Alo Yoga

    Promising review: "Fits perfectly, soft and breathable, too! Love the length and I can wear it casually — in shoes or in slides 😍" —Dolly V

    Price: $14 (originally $18; available in sizes S/M-M/L and eight colors)

    10. A yoga strap to really get into those stretches. Any yogi will tell you a yoga strap is essential for getting deeper into your binds and necessary for newer students who need to build up a little flexibility.

    model using yoga strap
    Alo Yoga

    Promising review: "Perfect for transporting a yoga mat and for passive stretching. Highly recommend. Love the color. Thanks, Alo!" —Giselle B

    Price: $16 (originally $20; available in 10 colors)

    11. A pair of revitalize pants that are perfect for enjoying those gorgeous fall nights. And since these are so darn cozy, you will have no problem if you were to take the pants to the mat, street, or even a more conventional gym.

    model wearing revitalize pants
    Alo Yoga

    Promising review: "Some of the most comfortable and flexible pants I have ever bought. Absolutely love them." —Andrew R

    Price: $94 (originally $118; available in men's sizes S-2XL and four colors) 

    12. A pullover sweater to look fantastic for any office party with its minimal pattern design. You will get so many compliments between the super-soft fleece material, sleeve pocket, and contemporary color scheme.

    Model wearing the white sweatshirt with large black stripe on the chest
    Alo Yoga

    Promising review: "This fits me perfectly. Material is beyond soft and lightweight. Barely even know you’re wearing it" —Michael C

    Price: $83 (originally $118; available in men's sizes S-2XL and five colors)

    13. A sweatshirt dress, because that's just genius. Forget about the hundred layers; a sweatshirt-meets-dress hybrid is perfect for going out and getting fancy while also providing 24/7 warmth.

    model wearing a sweater dress
    Alo Yoga

    Promising review: "Love this big sweatshirt. The belt gives it the perfect fit to be loose but shapely. Very cozy and warm. Long enough on me (5'1") to wear as a dress." —Beth O

    Price: $94 (originally $118; available in sizes XS-L)

    14. A cover tank that'll give you some breeze while you pump iron or stretch it out after a long day. Plus, with a nice criss-cross front wrap, you may even be able to rock that tank for a fancy occasion.

    Model wearing the pink ruched crop top
    Alo Yoga

    Promising review: "This is the best crop top! True to size, very comfortable and looks amazing. The woodrose color is lovely." —Fabiola A

    Price: $41 (originally $58; available in XS–L and five colors)

    15. A pair of high-waist biker shorts with *audible gasp* pockets to crush it during your spin class. Despite the name, biker shorts are multi-functional for any workout or rest day, and perfect when you literally want something shorter than leggings but longer than shorts.

    model wearing biker shorts
    Alo Yoga

    Promising review: "These fit great and are comfortable. Looks great with the matching top." —Kristin F

    Price: $54 (originally $68; available in sizes XXS-L and two colors) 

    16. A puffer jacket so you can take solace in knowing this is the only jacket you will ever need. Puffer jackets are usually an investment, so a sale is even more reason to own one with a stunning quilted pattern.

    Model wearing the puffy vest in black
    Alo Yoga

    Promising review: "Love this! Fit is great, true to size, warm, cozy and super light weight, exactly what we were looking for!" —Olha H

    Price: $90 (originally $300; available in men's sizes S-XL) 

    17. A cashmere beanie because George Costanza said it best, "Who doesn't like cashmere? Find me one person in the world that doesn't like cashmere." Doesn't your head deserve something so silky and luxurious to protect you from those chilly breezes?

    Person wearing cashmere beanie
    Alo Yoga / @stormibree

    Price: $62 (originally $78)

    18. A performance tank top because something so lightweight will keep you gloriously cool while working out. Tank tops are no longer exclusive to the gym either; you better believe this will look good even in a casual hangout or leisure hike.

    Model wearing the tank in orange
    Alo Yoga

    Promising review: "Super cool top, that I just couldn’t resist for its amazing color! I was also surprised to see how well it fits my body, and feels comfy :)." —Ido S

    Price: $62 (originally $78; available in men's sizes S-2XL and 14 colors) 

    19. A lightweight pair of pants to make those yoga transitions ever so graceful. With your choice of five rich colors and water-resistant material, you will have no longer have to avoid sweat puddles on your mat.

    model wearing yoga pants
    Alo Yoga

    Price: $107 (originally $134; available in men's sizes M-2XL and six colors)

    Be sure to check out the rest of their 20% off sale for Cyber Monday!

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