Top 10 Crap From 2011 That Grandpa Is Sick Of Seeing On The Internet


10. Ryan Gosling

If I have to see another Ryan Gosling ‘Hey girl’ Tumblr, I’m going to write you all out of my will.

9. Protesters

Back in my day, the Pinkertons would have put these trustfunders to bed in about a week.

8. Ron Sawnson And His Dumb Mustache


7. Fox News ‘Mistakes’

6. Confusing Charts

Nobody cares about your stupid, dumb, confusing chart.

5. Pictures Of Obama By Pete Souza

Enough already!

4. Olivia Munn

I get it. You have boobs. They are very nice.

3. People With The Name ‘Kardashian’

Awful jackasses.

2. Rage Comics

Seriously, what the hell is this crap?!

1. These Fools

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