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Nev Schulman's 11-Step Digital Detox

In In Real Life, Nev Schulman's new book about online love, lies, and identity, the Catfish host and digital romance expert recommends reducing the impact of social media on one's life. Here are Nev's 11 rules to reaching that (impossible for some of us...) goal!

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Set a new rule for yourself: If you are with someone, the phone stays in your pocket. Unless you are taking a photo or receiving an important cell phone call, put away your phone. No texts, no tweets, no email. Only use it when you are alone.


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If you take photos at an event, don’t post them to Instagram until you get home. Wait until the event is over, and then go through your photos to pick the one or two that you think are best. Be mindful in your choices.


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Stop accepting friend requests from people you don’t know! I’m not saying no new friends, but maybe you should consider more seriously whether you need to bring more strangers into your life.


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Similarly, go through your friend list. If you don’t know somebody personally, even if you have mutual friend, it’s time to delete them. Fewer friends means less time spent catching up on news feeds.


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When you feel compelled to text someone, stop and think. Why don’t you call them instead? Have a real conversation—trust me, you’ll get things accomplished a lot faster. While you’re on the phone, ask them how they’re doing. Make a plan to get together in person.


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Every time you take out your phone to take a picture of a stranger, stop yourself. Go up to them instead and start a conversation. Ask a question. Find a way to engage with the people and things that catch your interest beyond passively snapping a picture. Who knows what you might learn?

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Reprinted from the book IN REAL LIFE: Love, Lies & Identity in the Digital Age by Nev Schulman. Copyright © 2014. Reprinted by permission of Grand Central Publishing. All rights reserved.