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18 Hilarious Tweets About Body Image That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

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isn’t it weird how women lose their bodies and become ethereal vapor for a short time after giving birth


ME: i'd like to get rid of all this PERSONAL TRAINER: you're just making like one sweeping gesture around your entire body ME: and my head


Whoa whoa whoa nobody told me that after this bikini body boot camp workout I'd be deployed to the bikini body war


i spy with my little eye, something MEAN. yeah its you, talking about my little eye again


i can't believe i have to keep washing this stupid body until i die


when someone bumps into you, immediately say (loudly) “oh no my hot bod!”


I'd be flattered if a masseuse told me I felt tense. They're usually like "where are your bones" and "is that a hot wheels toy."


body types; hourglass, pear, crushed beer can, orb, 14 bricks, losing lottery ticket, splash on VHS, zero gravity wheelbarrow, a bat.


Just found out real women have curves, now I get why I'm sitting here all alone with isosceles triangle tits - I don't exist


RT if your areolas are so large they make a venn diagram


Lots of compliments on my new hair cut today ones like "oh" and "gothic George Washington"


A guy said "You have pretty eyes" I was like no shit


what's it called when u have lice but in ur eyebrows. asking 4 a friend. my friend just saw them on my brows and was curious


if u can't handle me at my worst then my best is literally the same except I brush my hair


girls don't tell you this but a period is when the iron in our blood turns to gold and we go shoe shoppin wit tha monies


body hair on women is so taboo that in fucking razor commercials they shave an already bald ass leg like lmao


Lol I can't believe that I have to exist inside of a body UGH THAT IS SO OLD FASHIONED, PLS JUST LET ME BE A CHILL MIST


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