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    21 Secrets Build-A-Bear Employees Will Never Tell You

    So. Many. Bear puns.

    1. The empty and unstuffed animals are called "skins."

    2. All the music that plays at Build-A-Bear is Build-A-Bear original music.

    3. Employees know it's better to take a bear home in a box because you get to color it.


    5. The clothes are so small employees don't even need to fold them.

    6. They don't want to help you figure out how to use the computer.

    7. Some people will give their animals really weird names.

    8. Valentine's Day and Christmas are the busiest times of the year at Build-A-Bear.

    Sooooo many embarrassed boyfriends and stressed-out parents.

    9. Teens who come to Build-A-Bear will always be embarrassed and act like they're too cool to make a stuffed animal.

    10. Customers can put their foot on the pedal that pumps out the stuffing.

    Toddlers that aren't heavy enough to press down on the pedal get help from their parents.

    11. If employees remove the skin from the metal tube too quickly, stuffing will shoot out EVERYWHERE.

    12. Sometimes they accidentally stab themselves with the needle while stitching up an animal.

    13. Those little red hearts somehow manage to get everywhere.

    14. The sound machine will sometimes play sound effects all by itself.

    15. If you're going to record your own sound, please go to a quiet part of the store to record it.

    16. You can have your birthday party at Build-A-Bear.

    17. Parents can pay extra to have a "special guest" arrive at their kid's birthday party.

    18. The employees who work at the New York location get to be in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

    19. There will be at least one temper tantrum a day in the store.

    20. Employees hate asking you to sign up for a Stuff Fur Stuff card.

    21. There are so. many. bear puns.

    "Make a fureign friend!"

    "Eat with your bear hands!"

    "Anything is pawsible!"