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    26 Tweets For People Who Don’t Give A Fuck About Taking Selfies

    Sorry, everyone: Selfies are good.


    weird how selfies are narcissistic when men literally had portraits painted of them in dressing gowns to show how long they spent thinking


    imagine being the kind of person who gets upset by selfies


    selfies are great. take more selfies. post them for no reason. you have to take extra to make up for the selfie haters' lack of selfies


    dudes who praise u for not being like other girls who take selfies & care about Girl Shit are the same ones who'll resent u for being smart


    take more selfies, post more selfies, fav more selfies, delete less selfies, selfie-shame never xoxo


    let dudes take selfies it's not a gendered activity and everybody deserves to feel good about themselves ☺️✨❤️🌹😊


    Dudes make fun of girls for duck face yet all their selfies look like the last known footage of them


    "naked selfies are why men don't respect women" lol no they don't respect women because of sexism but thank you for proving my point


    the men who r like "ladies u need 2 love & respect yourselves more" in the next breath say "she's so up herself, she posts 2 many selfies"


    Ugh kids so narcissistic with their "selfies" I miss the good old days when people commissioned 8 ft tall oil portraits


    its funny how ppl think taking selfies is embarrassing when they hire someone to take pictures of them pretending to kiss their signif other


    men in their mid 30s mad abt women taking selfies: the musical


    Taking selfies is such a beautiful and important way for women to express self love in a world that pushes back at it.


    Men: confidence is sexy! Men: yeah but don't take too many selfies.


    if you're really upset about other girls posting selfies because they feel cute then you gotta reevaluate your life



    people who hate on selfie sticks are just mad that the stick up their ass doesn't take selfies


    Guy: I can't stand people who take selfies Me: This isn't going to work


    a guy just caught me taking a selfie n expected me to be ashamed so i took forty more


    Society: *objectifies & sexualizes women endlessly* Society when confronted with women taking selfies: How attention seeking!


    Dudes who are like, "Ugh why do feminists get so angry over petty shit," and then "FUCKING PEOPLE WHO POST TOO MANY SELFIES RAGE ARGH"


    hah this dude was talkin abt how self absorbed n useless millennials are but I was too busy taking a selfie to hear anything he said!!!!!!!!


    I'm convinced society hates selfies because it's a way for (mainly) young women to show self-love.


    selfies are not a shallow exercise of vanity; they're an important tool in an unfair fight we all wage against society to love ourselves


    fyi: hating on other women's selfies isn't going to improve your self esteem


    I wrote about how men should take more and better selfies, with lots of tips.

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