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    Updated on Nov 8, 2018. Posted on Sep 20, 2016

    22 Tweets All Women Will Read Through Gritted Teeth

    "If it's so normal and well-intended, why don't men tell other men to smile?"


    One of my biggest peeves: when random ass men tell me to "smile"


    If it's so normal and well-intended, why don't men tell other men to smile?


    You all get that telling someone to smile is asking them to make a show of pretend happiness for your own personal comfort, right? Good.


    Keeping a blood capsule in my mouth for the next guy who tells me to smile.

    5. *

    If men really wanted women to "smile more, baby!" they wouldn't pay them 77 cents on the dollar


    it'll be the zombie apocalypse and dudes will still be out here expecting me to smile from ear to ear. im so fed up


    Hey dudes telling women they should smile more: You should talk less.


    hmmmmmm lots of men out here telling us 2 smile but not a lot of men putting time and effort into making women happy & safe in public hmmmmm


    If you tell girls to "smile," I wish upon you frowns for all eternity.


    DUDES: You're prettier when you smile ME: Fuck off, everyone knows I look better miserable


    when dudes on the street ask me to smile RT @BuzzFeed: hallelujah


    don't tell me to smile unless ur paying for my juvederm


    I've noticed that men who tell women to "smile more" rarely comply when politely asked to "exist less."



    dudes who tell women to smile should be legally required to pay off our student loans. you want us to smile, right? give us a reason to.


    you can be on the verge of being the most powerful woman in the world and dudes will still tell you to "smile"


    Telling a woman to smile is garbage Telling a woman to smile AT THE COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF FORUM is the hottest garbage


    Me when random men tell me to smile....


    dear men, telling a woman to smile is no longer allowed. it is not our job to smile for you. no one is telling bernie to smile. best, women


    Stop telling women to smile. Whether it's on the street, in the workplace, or on the national stage.


    FYI- Telling a woman she should smile just makes her want to stab you. Stab. Stab. Stab.


    Ya mcm thinks telling women to smile is gonna make them smile

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