47 Sexiest Movie Performances

You know you wanted them…

47. Kathleen Turner - Body Heat

You know you’re sexy when a guy is willing to throw a chair through a window to get you.

46. Melanie Griffith - Body Double

She was the “Body” for a reason. And yes, everyone liked to watch.

45. Cary Elwes - The Princess Bride

As you wish, indeed.

44. Linda Fiorentino - The Last Seduction

She was kinda scary and kinda vicious, but she looked fantastic doing it.

43. Bruce Willis - Die Hard

Snarky, sarcastic, and sweaty in all his glory, Bruce fulfilled those cop fantasies.

42. Kelly LeBrock - Weird Science

As the real life fantasy of two teenage nerds, LeBrock delivered.

41. James Dean - Rebel Without a Cause

He had a cause: breaking our hearts with his sexiness.

40. Julie Christie - Doctor Zhivago

It’s hard to be lonely, impoverished, and abused Lara. But at least Julie Christie was spectacular.

39. Robert Redford - The Way We Were

I know he was the complete opposite of everything Barbra stood for, but how could she resist?

38. Susan Sarandon - Bull Durham

Even Crash eventually fell under her spell.

37. Harrison Ford - Raiders of the Lost Ark

Hubba Hubba. Grandpa Ford was a stone cold fox when he put on that fedora and stole our hearts with that whip.

36. Julia Roberts - Erin Brockovich

Julia got rid of the rom com sweetheart status and showed us her truly gritty and sexy side. Moms can be and are hot.

35. Val Kilmer - Willow

Before he was a beached whale, he was the badass and cocky Madmartigan, making fantasy suddenly very hot.

34. Madeleine Stowe - Revenge

Sexy performances are abundant in crime thrillers like Revenge where forbidden love affairs are the norm, and Madeleine nailed it.

33. Ryan Gosling - Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Who could resist the flawless body and suave persona of Ryan in this film? Not Emma Stone and not us.

32. Rebecca De Mornay - Risky Business

What does every boy want during his weekend home alone? Probably a hooker as hot as Rebecca who knew how to put on a good show.

31. Gerard Butler - The Phantom of the Opera

Psychological damage aside, what’s sexier than Gerard Butler’s hotter than hell performance as the titular Phantom? He brought soul and sex appeal.

30. Michelle Pfeiffer - Batman Returns

We’re not going to talk about Halle Berry and that pile of crap that was Catwoman. Michelle had already immortalized her and thankfully remains the most memorable.

29. Mel Gibson - Tequila Sunrise

Yeah, we all know he’s a crazy tool now, but once upon a time Mel was an Australian hunk. And in Tequila Sunrise, he was drug lord hunk with a heart of gold and glorious blue eyes.

28. Penelope Cruz - Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Spirited, artistic, and just a tad crazy, Penelope brought a lot to her role in Vicky Cristina Barcelona. And it didn’t hurt that she’s drop dead beautiful.

27. Chris Pine - Star Trek

Much like the Han Solo of space, Chris Pine seduced men and women alike with his sexy smile, assured swag, and cocky demeanor as the sexiest James T. Kirk we’ve ever seen. Sorry, Shatner.

26. Catherine Zeta-Jones - Chicago

She’ll probably kill you, but it would probably be worth it.

25. Johnny Depp - Pirates of the Caribbean

We’re not sure why but Jack Sparrow was sexy as hell. Why? Maybe it’s the pirate thing, maybe it’s Johnny Depp, maybe it’s the dreadlocks. Bottom line: sexy as hell.

24. Amy Adams - American Hustle

Who would have thought? Amy Adams proved she was more than just a cute girl; she was a sexy dynamo.

23. Daniel Day-Lewis - The Last of the Mohicans

A lot of men could have played the beloved Hawkeye as cold and boring. But Daniel Day-Lewis managed to be both blistering with passion and cool with control. Great acting and great looks.

22. Elizabeth Hurley - Bedazzled

Hotter than hell takes on a whole new meaning when the Devil comes to visit you and she happens to look like Elizabeth Hurley.

21. Channing Tatum - Magic Mike

Honestly, this movie could have been about washing machines and it still would have driven us wild. As long as Channing danced.

20. Nicole Kidman - Moulin Rouge!

Satine was no saintly courtesan and Nicole made sure to infuse her with the just right amount of playfulness, fierceness, and heart breaking beauty.

19. Daniel Craig - Casino Royale

Bond was always sexy but when Daniel Craig came in, there was no longer any competition for the built Brit.

18. Salma Hayek - Desperado

Antonio Banderas may have had the guitar but Salma had the curves… and the spicy attitude.

17. Robert Downey Jr. - Iron Man

What’s that? Oh yeah, that’s the sound of my ovaries exploding at the sight of Robert Downey Jr.’s irresistible Tony Stark.

16. Diane Lane - Unfaithful

We don’t condone infidelity but who can blame Diane Lane for falling for a Frenchman? And who can blame him for wanting her?

15. Antonio Banderas - The Mask of Zorro

Thank God that underneath Zorro’s mask was sexy Latino lover Antonio Banderas.

14. Sharon Stone - Basic Instinct

Don’t know if you’d want to risk it, but Michael Douglas sure had no qualms.

13. Leonardo DiCaprio - Blood Diamond

Rugged? Check. Stormy past? Check. South African accent? Check. Leonardo DiCaprio? Perfection.

12. Jennifer Connelly - Mulholland Drive

Things didn’t turn out so well for her in the end but she was a bombshell till the end.

11. Russell Crowe - Gladiator

Real talk: I would time travel just to be with this man.

10. Monica Bellucci - The Matrix Reloaded

Monica has lit up the screen in every movie she’s ever been in but most Americans got their first introduction to this goddess when she was seducing Neo.

9. Chris Hemsworth - Thor

Is it the body? The face? The voice? The long mane of gorgeous, blonde, Viking locks…? Wait, where am I?

8. Angelina Jolie - Mr. & Mrs. Smith

What’s sexier than Angelina Jolie? Angelina Jolie playing a world class assassin.

7. George Clooney - Out of Sight

Sure, he would later play a thief. But he would never do it better than Out of Sight.

6. Rita Hayworth - Gilda

If you inspire a novel and a movie, you’re in the hall of fame of sexy.

5. Henry Cavill - Man of Steel

I think Nietzsche was imagining Henry when he coined “superman”.

4. Bo Derek - 10

She would forever immortalize the run on the beach.

3. Viggo Mortensen - The Lord of the Rings

Men wanted to be him, women loved him, he was the king of Gondor for God’s sakes, and Viggo didn’t just play Aragorn. He was Aragorn.

2. Marilyn Monroe - Some Like It Hot

One word: goddess.

1. Brad Pitt - Legends of the Fall

The golden god. Who else could have played the tortured, damaged, beautiful, and soulful Tristan? Answer: no one.

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