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47 Sexiest Movie Performances

You know you wanted them...

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29. Mel Gibson - Tequila Sunrise


Yeah, we all know he's a crazy tool now, but once upon a time Mel was an Australian hunk. And in Tequila Sunrise, he was drug lord hunk with a heart of gold and glorious blue eyes.

27. Chris Pine - Star Trek


Much like the Han Solo of space, Chris Pine seduced men and women alike with his sexy smile, assured swag, and cocky demeanor as the sexiest James T. Kirk we've ever seen. Sorry, Shatner.

23. Daniel Day-Lewis - The Last of the Mohicans


A lot of men could have played the beloved Hawkeye as cold and boring. But Daniel Day-Lewis managed to be both blistering with passion and cool with control. Great acting and great looks.

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