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  • Things That Only Kids Who Grew Up With Christian Parents Could Understand.

    Growing up in a christian household was deeeefffffinately an experience. You maybe had to stand around a flagpole in front of your entire PUBLIC high school and pray a few times. And maaaybe once or twice you had to skip out on parties for youth group events where you played charades and drank soda. But overall, now it’s something for you to look back on and laugh. And, it doesn’t hurt either that when you meet somebody with a similar upbringing, you automatically have like a gazillion things to talk about with a total stranger. Especially if they’re a hot stranger. Can I get a holla fo dose brownie points!

  • 15 Reasons Why Having Siblings Totally Blowz.

    So you’re a sister or brother. This is gonna be great, somebody to be there for you when you’re down and tell you the best ways to sneak out of mom and dad’s house when they’re sleeping. Someone to confide your deepest darkest secrets to. Sure it seeeeems awesome but really, sometimes you wish you could sell them on the black market for a bottle of Jamo and some fresh new kicks.

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