11 Summer Side Hustles That Are Perfect For Teens

    Summer free time = time to make money.

    Are you a teen looking to make some extra cash this summer? Same, I can relate. Tbh, since we're not in school for 8 hours a day, we might as well use the time to make some extra money, right?

    So to help you get started, I rounded up 11 ways you can earn some cash this summer (and beyond):

    1. Sell your gently-used clothes online on Poshmark or Depop.

    2. If you have a big following, monetize your social media account.

    3. If you're crafty, you can start a small business on Etsy.

    4. Or tutor students online or in your neighborhood.

    5. Learn a profitable skill and start freelancing.

    6. Use Pet Sitter to find clients looking for pet care services around you.

    7. Work part-time at a local restaurant or retail shop.

    8. Become a lifeguard at your local pool.

    9. Spend time learning how to invest and open a custodial account.

    10. Start your own dropshipping business.

    11. And finally, organize a yard sale with your family or friends.

    This summer, I'm doing #9 and #11. How are you planning to make some cash? Share your tips in the comments!

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