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19 Secrets People Who Work In Office Will Never Tell You

As a grown adult, we expect you to have at least a rough idea of your shoe size.

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1. We know you're not coming back when you ask us, “What time do you close?”

Grace Hicks / BuzzFeed

Don’t ask us to hold those shoes for you because you're too embarrassed to say no. We all know what's going on.


5. But, as a fully grown adult, we expect you to have at least a rough idea of your shoe size.


If you're wearing shoes, why not check their size before you send us off to get a shoe that's three sizes too small for you?


9. We spend a lot of time waiting around for your mates to text back and tell you which pair you should go for.

Grace Hicks / BuzzFeed

But that's fine. It's not like you could just ask us because we know what we're talking about.

10. Yes, we can check every store in the country to find a pair of shoes for you, but no, we cannot have them posted to you. We know it's dumb.

11. There is a special place in hell that is reserved for people who want to return something at midday on a Saturday.


It annoys us, but it also annoys the queue of people behind you who are waiting to be served as you search through 10 years worth of receipts.

12. When we realise that the last shoe in the size you want has been on display for three months, we know that even our best sales pitch won't close that sale.


19. And for some of us, the temptation caused by being around shoes all the time is just too much.

Grace Hicks / BuzzFeed

I doubt I'll ever have a house to hand down to my kids but maybe they could build one out of all my trainers.