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Fight Club Flyer Found In NYC

"Looking for REAL Fighters (for a party)"

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First rule of Fight Club…put up flyers for Fight Club.

Graam Liu

Stumbling in the dark one fall evening I found this flyer. On an abandoned phone booth along 3rd avenue, bathed in the flickering of a neon sign. Could this be real?

I took out my phone to take this picture. In the corner of my eye two large gentleman approached behind me and lifted their cigarettes to take a drag. Silence. I shoved my phone in my pocket and walked. The gentleman returning to the wall whenst they came. Muttering into each other's ears as I disappeared into the rush hour crowd.

This not a joke. Overthrow New York is looking for REAL fighters for an underground party. We are tired of the same old rules, conditions, workouts gyms and are looking for fighters who want to throw punches and party. You know who you are! Free your mind, let your hands go, and your spirit will follow! SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!

A serious inquiry has been taken.

Graam Liu

But I wasn't the one who ripped a part of this flyer….Aside from a few typos this seemed like the real deal. So I googled and this is what I found.

Click on the button "Join the Fight" and it summons you here. / Via

The only way to join is by giving them your email. They entice you with a quote by Abbie Hoffman, the founder of the sixties counterculture "Yippie" movement.

I'm never certain how good a teacher experience is. But the American illusion is that it can't be beat. 'I've been there' is equal to two degrees on the subject. Cold-bloodedly throw your body into the fight. you are an instrument of change. - Abbie Hoffman

Romancing the fight.


In today's age of social media why would anyone put up flyers? Is it ironic in true hipster fashion? Maybe. But imagine the experience of finding a flyer for a real fight club like I described earlier. It's like out of the movies. For someone trudging in the darkness, it is a beacon for adventure. A chance to escape your boring life and prove that you are something more….of course this is the romanticized view.

Fight Club has a website. Marketing crotch shots with boxing classes and sweet merch. But it reminds us to not look at life through rose colored glasses. That sometimes it's fun to pretend, but that life is much more complicated and has a website.

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