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When We Experience Moments Of Real Fear

Ever have a moment when you got really scared?

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Changing things up once again folks, my name is Corey Martin and I am one of the regular content writers for this blog. We wanted to try and give our readers a different experience and provide not just the latest horror news, but also share our interests and interactions with the horror community. With that being said I want to share with you a story that comes from my High School days, when my parents decided to have a little fun with my friends and I on Halloween.

Picture this scene: You invite your friends over for your big annual Halloween party. You make sure that everything is set up perfectly, and the right movie is picked out for when everyone arrives. I made sure I did all of these things and was so excited. I even planned with some friends of mine to scare everyone at a certain point during the night. Keep in mind I was in High School and being as cheesey as possible was always at the top of my to-do list. I was that guy. That fact aside, the night started off great, everyone was having a good time and we all settled in for the movie for the night: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. What I enjoyed a lot about the group of friends that were their that night was we kind of had the making of your typical "horror movie". A good mix of people with different personalities and it really made the atmosphere that much better. We had the few people who were terrified of any sound they heard and spent most of the movie hiding behind a pillow. There were those who were just there to have a good time, and we really were having a great time. Until the lights went out...

About halfway through the movie the power in my house goes out. My initial reaction was a power surge. So I check the digital clocks to see if they blanked. They weren't even flashing which means the entire house shut down. Did a car hit a power poll? The weather isn't a factor there was not a cloud in the sky during the day. As all of these things were running though my head, the banging started. BANG! BANG! BANG! Ok. Something is going on. BANG! BANG! BANG! People are now freaking out. Of course they think that I set up whatever was happening and believe me, I wish I had, but not this time. This time I was right there with the ones freaking out. Screaming. All we could do was scream. When we thought it was over, in the darkness we see the outline of a figure walking through my kitchen. Most of us were backed into a corner freaking out, but a good friend of mine decided to take it upon himself to investigate. Just as he was about to grab who or whatever was in the kitchen the lights turn on and we see my parents all standing in the room laughing at us. We had been pranked.

Don't get me wrong, getting scared like that was probably the most fun any of us had ever had. It is something we still talk about to this day. Getting scared is an adrenaline rush. It is something that taps into our inner most fears and allows us to be exposed for a quick second and experience a moment of pure shock. Some people live for that moment. It's places like Goretorium that remind us what that feeling is like. The first time I experienced true fear, I will never forget that.

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