Just like to post my random thoughts.
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  • Jim And Pam And The End Of The Office

    Only a few episodes left of the Office, and they have hopefully tied up one story line. with Jim and Pam making up and not breaking up. For nine years, they have been the heart of the Office, unfortunately for the past couple of seasons, the show seems to exist for the writers to show us, “Hey look everybody, isn’t Jim a great guy” We get it, he’s a great guy, and I’m sure come the last episode the writers will show us this again. But hey don’t forget everybody else, don’t forget the supporting players, don’t be insulting to the viewers, you don’t need to make the last show all about Jim doing a big gesture for Pam, we know where his heart is. For the last episode, a wrap up for all the supporting players will be nice, give Kevin, Darryl, Oscar, Angela, Phyllis, Meredith, the newbies, Ryan and Kelly, Andy and Erin and of course, Dwight and even Gabe a storyline they deserve. There will be another big Jim and Pam moment, but dont foget everybody else from the Office. The Office has a chance to end this thing the right way, like they did with Michael Scott’s final episode. Lets hope they get it right again. Time will tell.

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