15 Things You'll Only Understand If You Grew Up Watching "Beverly Hills 90210"

    Da-da da-da. da-da da-da. *claps two times*

    1. You got really excited when there was a new version of the opening credits

    2. And you clapped along every time...

    3. You were either Team Brenlan or Team Dylly

    4. Your expectations for high school and college were outrageously high because of the show

    5. You definetly had a crush on Dylan at some point

    6. But once Dylan left the show, you turned your eye toward David...

    7. You were extremely keen on getting one of those cool cell phones they were all carrying around!

    8. When Donna (finally) lost her virginity it kinda felt like you did too.

    9. You were extremely frustrated when you had to explain to non-fans which characters had been in a relationship with who.

    10. You've since contemplated how problematic the lack of diversity is...

    11. You were heavily inspired by the outfits worn on the show — with varying success...

    12. You cried your eyes out when Donna's dog Rocky got cancer and died

    13. The show taught you quite a few life lessons

    14. You still miss some of the truth bombs that were dropped on the show

    15. And most importantly of all, you learned that real friends will riot for each other...

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