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    Every Single Song From The "Camp Rock" Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

    In honor of the reunion of the Jonas Brothers, the definitive ranking of the music from their magnum opus.

    22. "Wouldn't Change a Thing"


    This. Song. Is. Terrible. I'm sorry, are you really comparing yourselves to Venus and Mars? What does that mean? Are you referring to the planets or Roman gods? Because I don't know which of those makes less sense.

    21. "This Is Our Song"


    The ultimate gesture of peace, sitting around a campfire and singing. A heartwarming finale to remind us that fun and inclusion will always win. This could be higher if young Nick Jonas wasn't wearing a fedora.

    20. "What We Came Here For"


    The part of Camp Rock 2 that bothers me most is when the Camp Rock kids are contemplating how to up their performance, and they decide to have Joe Jonas and Demi sing solo because they're the "best" singers at camp. HELLO? Did everyone just forget that Margaret Dupree was CLEARLY the best singer at camp? Disappointing. Extra points for featuring Bonus Jonas (aka Frankie), but overall a "meh" performance.

    19. "Can't Back Down"


    This is just the "Work This Out" of the Camp Rock movies, complete with kitchen objects used as percussion, but feels less fun. That doesn't mean I don't have the choreography memorized, of course, but still an underwhelming counterpart of the rallying cry song of HSM.

    18. "Gotta Find You"


    Thank you, Disney, for giving us an angsty Joe Jonas. This song is an unfinished project, Joe Jonas needs to find his "mystery girl" before he can really achieve greatness. Also, is someone hiding behind him in a bush? WHERE ARE THESE HARMONIES COMING FROM?

    17. "It's On"


    Besides the truly terrible marching-in-while-ritualistically-chanting intro, overall a decent song. Bonus points for Demi mocking Tess’s awkward “ride the wave” dance move. Although how were they able to get all their amps and equipment across the lake? That stuff is expensive, I wouldn’t want to risk bringing an amp over in a canoe. Also, those things are heavy, were they not worried about the canoes sinking?

    16. "Start the Party"


    Why the bad hats? Why the white skinny jeans? And why were ¾ of them in baggy cargo capris? Is this a disappointing ode to 2008 fashion?

    15. "Who Will I Be"


    Bad bangs, a fashion show montage, and a quick jam session — overall a quality opening scene.

    14. "Brand New Day"


    When Demi sang she was breaking out her six string, all our hearts raced with the promise of a new Camp Rock movie. It also marked significantly better hair and clothes for the cast. A bright, fun intro for a new summer that leaves us feeling good.

    13. "Tear It Down"


    I don't know how the Camp Rock kids thought they could beat this performance. This is professional quality, and exactly what I imagine a The Weeknd concert for 5th graders would look like.

    12. "Too Cool"


    I know we're supposed to feel sorry for Demi here, but I just feel bad for Tess for thinking that gold capri leggings were a good look for anyone.

    11. "Hasta La Vista"


    I have never wanted a personal trampoline or uber-sparkly pink peasant top more than I did in this moment. Maybe then, I could also achieve self-actualization and be a good dancer/singer who could spell out h-a-s-t-aaaaa.

    10. "Play My Music"


    What could be more beautiful than a personal concert with the Jonas Brothers, I mean sorry, Connect 3? Bonus points for our angel, young Nick Jonas.

    9. "We Rock"


    Everyone's favorite part of the summer, the Final Jam Jam Session. This bop, featuring the whole cast and bad dance moves, perfectly capped off the joyous thrill of Camp Rock. It reminds each of us that we, too, can and must rock on. Camp Rock!

    8. "Heart and Soul"


    YOUNG. NICK. JONAS. Disney’s attempt at classic rock falls flat, maybe because the incessant number of references to classic rock musicians ("blue suede shoes," Axle Rose, "Bruce the Boss," Mick Jagger, etc.), but Nick Jonas drumming and sliding down the aisle and kicking the piano bench out from under him is an image permanently engraved in my mind.

    7. "Two Stars"


    Poor Tess, all she wants is her mother's validation. However, I still sing the chorus to my roommates when no one wants to go to Trader Joes with me. This universal truth, that two stars are brighter than one, is applicable to relationships and grocery shopping alike.

    6. "You're My Favorite Song"


    In Camp Rock 2, Joe Jonas spends his time being sad about his hair resembling a helmet. For one beautiful scene, he puts his worries aside and goes canoeing with Demi.

    5. "Fire"


    Is it concerning that I, an adult, still finds this song the epitome of cool? Whatever, this song brought a new excitement to the summer. Although, the literal pillars of fire shooting up on stage feels like a bit of a safety hazard.

    4. "What It Takes"


    THIS SONG WAS BRILLIANT. Why was she not the main character? I would have much rather watched her quest at camp to find a boy worthy of her talent, dance moves, and general perfection, than watched emo Joe Jonas sulking around about how he can't see with all that hair in his eyes.

    3. "Introducing Me"


    In three short minutes, the world fell in love with young Nick Jonas. All I want in this life is Nick Jonas to sing to me about homemade quesadillas and the word "dude." Dana did not deserve him. We did not deserve him. Long live young Nick Jonas.

    2. "Here I Am"


    The moment Peggy emerged from her shell and became Margaret Dupree. 11 years ago, I sobbed during this scene, as I did today. The ultimate anthem for shy girls finding their voice.

    1. "This Is Me"


    Remember the moment Joe Jonas looked at Demi and realized that she had been his mystery girl all along? And then he grabbed the mic and joined her on stage to finish his song? A moment of true love, if there ever was one. Both of them, exactly where they were supposed to be. 10/10 love story.

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