Every Single Song From The "Camp Rock" Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

    In honor of the reunion of the Jonas Brothers, the definitive ranking of the music from their magnum opus.

    22. "Wouldn't Change a Thing"

    21. "This Is Our Song"

    20. "What We Came Here For"

    19. "Can't Back Down"

    18. "Gotta Find You"

    17. "It's On"

    16. "Start the Party"

    15. "Who Will I Be"

    14. "Brand New Day"

    13. "Tear It Down"

    12. "Too Cool"

    11. "Hasta La Vista"

    10. "Play My Music"

    9. "We Rock"

    8. "Heart and Soul"

    7. "Two Stars"

    6. "You're My Favorite Song"

    5. "Fire"

    4. "What It Takes"

    3. "Introducing Me"

    2. "Here I Am"

    1. "This Is Me"

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