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7 Fantasticly Inspirational Instagramers You Need To Follow Right Now

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5. @adventuresofjustin

Via Instagram: @adventuresofjustin

@adventuresofjustin is a guy who quit his job, sold all of his shit, and just started traveling. He leads one of the most interesting lives I've witnessed in a long time. He dropped by my studio to tell me about his future travel plans. I highly suggest you give him a follow and watch his adventure unfold!

6. @sdotglass

Via Instagram: @sdotglass

@sdotglass is a change maker in the music industry, leading the pack, and producing some of the most amazing events and music our generation has ever seen and heard. He told me about his future plans, and damn! the future looks bright. Oh, and he has some of the sickest backstage access you will find anywhere. Give a follow.