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    The Story Of Goldilocks And The Wolf

    The story of the rescue husky that became my salvation from domestic abuse and inspired the adventures of Goldilocks and the Wolf on Instagram.

    Our story begins 3 years ago..

    @Goldilocksandthewolf / Via Instagram: @goldilocksandthewolf

    I found Kyro through an ad on Craigslist. His Mother was too young to properly care for Kyro and his 9 siblings and refused to feed them so they were in dire need of help. The owner sent out a plea online for assistance in raising the puppies. I gladly volunteered and helped him to bottle feed, raise and find the puppies homes. The owner of Kyro's Mother was struggling with the medical bills for the puppies and Mother... After some discussion- it was decided that asking for a deposit on the pups would help to find them a more secure home as well as pay for their care. This would also help reduce the chances of them being taken for dog fighting, or backyard breeding.

    While helping the other pups find homes I fell in love with Kyro. He ended up coming home with me because I couldn’t resist his chunky puppy belly!

    Kyro didn’t know it at the time.. but he was the one who would rescuing me.

    @Goldilocksandthewolf / Via Instagram: @goldilocksandthewolf

    When I adopted Kyro I was trapped in an abusive relationship, in which I had lost all hope of escaping. Kyro became my excuse to go on adventures and escape the situation. Ultimately, I left my Ex due to him beginning to target Kyro with his rage. Kyro was and is my world- I couldn’t bare to see anything happen to him. After several months of us being out of the situation and adventuring around- I found a deep passion for photography.

    His blue eyes were a motivation to seek happiness that I couldn't ignore.

    @Goldilocksandthewolf / Via Instagram: @goldilocksandthewolf

    Capturing our travels together became my inspiration and gave me the bravery to find my happiness and strength once again. A peace settled in my soul and I found our daily adventures to be a healing process that started to repair me inside and out.

    Many happy months of adventures passed..

    @Goldilocksandthewolf / Via Instagram: @goldilocksandthewolf

    Kyro grew like a weed. He went from a 5lb puppy to a 92lbs adult in just a year. The time flew past and our adventures grew more and more thrilling.

    And with each month our bond grew stronger and stronger.

    @Goldilocksandthewolf / Via Instagram: @goldilocksandthewolf

    We became an inseparable duo. Wherever I went- Kyro went. Our past situation long forgotten and new memories being made everyday.

    Our photographic adventures began to gather attention online.

    @Goldilocksandthewolf / Via Instagram: @goldilocksandthewolf

    I began an Instagram dedicated to my photography and the adventures I have with Kyro. To my amazement we now have a following of 180,000 people admiring our explorations.

    Soon enough, we became know as “Goldilocks and the Wolf”.

    @Goldilocksandthewolf / Via Instagram: @goldilocksandthewolf

    The nickname was given to us by my Mother. With my long blonde hair and Kyro’s Agouti coloring- the name just stuck. It became my Instagram name and the name of my photography business.

    Our adventures soon became a fairy-tale that we were writing ourselves..

    @Goldilocksandthewolf / Via Instagram: @goldilocksandthewolf

    Through the lens of my camera I tried to capture the ‘Fairy-tale’ moments we were seeing in our journeys together. I like to share the joy these moments brought to me.. In hopes of inspiring others to find their places of happiness.

    From lazy beach days

    @Goldilocksandthewolf / Via Instagram: @goldilocksandthewolf

    Together we have learned to stop and enjoy even the most simple of moments..

    To mountain lake sunsets

    @Goldilocksandthewolf / Via Instagram: @goldilocksandthewolf

    And we both certainly appreciate the moments that absolutely take your breath away. I have caught Kyro so many times just sitting and watching the world around him.

    Brisk sunrise hikes

    @Goldilocksandthewolf / Via Instagram: @goldilocksandthewolf

    With Kyro by my side I’ve learned to brave and try things I would have never considered before. For example, waking up at 3AM to hike a mountain just to watch the sun crest over the mountains.

    Breathtaking views

    @Goldilocksandthewolf / Via Instagram: @goldilocksandthewolf

    Where would I be had Kyro not come into my life? I honestly can’t answer that question. I just count my blessings everyday that he ended up with me.

    Endless smiles

    @Goldilocksandthewolf / Via Instagram: @goldilocksandthewolf

    “Are you happy Hooman?”

    (How could I not be happy when around you?)

    And I really do mean endless smiles.

    @Goldilocksandthewolf / Via Instagram: @goldilocksandthewolf

    Kyro’s happiness and my happiness have become reflections of one another. We are both the happiest when outdoors trying to find the most beautiful of places. (Especially places with snow!)

    Surrounded by breathtaking seasons...

    @Goldilocksandthewolf / Via Instagram: @goldilocksandthewolf

    Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer... we chase the seasons throughout the mountains.

    We live a life of color and wonder..

    @Goldilocksandthewolf / Via Instagram: @goldilocksandthewolf

    Focusing on photography has really opened my eyes to the world around me. Colors, sights and places look so much more vibrant and full of life. The wonder around me has absorbed me into a constant state of Wanderlust.

    No longer trapped by black and white.

    @Goldilocksandthewolf / Via Instagram: @goldilocksandthewolf

    Kyro raised a shroud from my life. He tore back all of my fears and really saw right into my soul. He showed me the person I couldn’t see inside myself. The person he saw and loved. He has helped me to become the person I’ve always wanted to be.

    His soul had touched mine.

    @Goldilocksandthewolf / Via Instagram: @goldilocksandthewolf

    It's hard to look into Kyro's eyes and not see an old soul there. An understanding of things that went greater than myself. His eyes are like looking into the eyes of someone who has lived a hundred life times.

    Adventure is calling-

    @Goldilocksandthewolf / Via Instagram: @goldilocksandthewolf

    Everyday is a new adventure for us. Whether it’s to beautiful parks, mountain peaks, or crashing oceans- you can guarantee we are out fulfilling our sense of Wanderlust.

    Where will it take you?

    @Goldilocksandthewolf / Via Instagram: @goldilocksandthewolf

    Fairy-tales do have a happy ending… if you believe and don't give up. Hope is something Kyro taught me to believe in again.

    Mine took me to you..

    @Goldilocksandthewolf / Via Instagram: @goldilocksandthewolf

    And that will always be my favorite adventure. Fairy-tales certainly are better when you have a Knight in shining armor. Or, in my case, a blue-eyed hero covered in fur.

    Our fairy-tale isn't over though...

    @Goldilocksandthewolf / Via Instagram: @goldilocksandthewolf

    Now I am working on sharing my story with the world. It has not be easy to relive the memories of the past abuse, but my goal is to help inspire others that are in (or were in) situations like mine. To help others see that there is a positive after all of the negative and that one day… You will find yourself again. I found my four-legged Knight- who knows where yours is waiting.

    And that is the story of Goldilocks and the Wolf.

    @Goldilocksandthewolf / Via Instagram: @goldilocksandthewolf

    Our story is just beginning to be written- this is just the start.

    Want to stay in touch with our journey?

    @Goldilocksandthewolf / Via Instagram: @goldilocksandthewolf

    Daily photographic updates of our adventures can be found on our Instagram page:


    And also more of my photography can be seen on Facebook:

    Goldilocks and the Wolf Photography

    Kiro 7 News: Our Story

    Kiro 7 News / Via

    I recently interviewed with Kiro 7 News to share my story. For those who would like to watch the segment on this, you can view it here:

    The subject of domestic abuse is a very 'hush hush' one as it is very difficult to talk about. Kiro 7 is hoping that by sharing my story we will be able to bring light to this topic. This will hopefully help to bring more stories like this to the news and to help shed more insight into domestic abuse.

    You can also read the article written about us by Kiro 7 News here:

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