Gogo B.
I am totally neurotic. I have an alter ego. I think typewriters are the way to go, and i listen to a lot of batcave goth & hall and/or oats.
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    • Gogo B.

      He’s upset good looking woman have come to a place nerdy men (and maybe some insecure women) felt comfortable, and now they don’t, and thus ruining the sanctity of comicons.
      Ok, fair enough, to some extent. But if you didn’t WANT to see women in those costumes why draw them like that?
      It could not have been a big shocker, especially that “quirky” is the new “in” that women would see the potential of dressing up and feeling good about themselves.
      The problem really is on two ends; I’ve heard of attractive women complaining that because they dress up men feel entitled to grope them and treat them as sexual objects, and comic book enthusiasts outraged that these women don’t read comic books.
      Here is the simple answer:
      times are changing, and if that means that more people embrace comic books than that is pretty awesome.
      Ladies, you all know what you are doing is going to get you attention, and if you want to be taken seriously as a cosplayer DO YOUR RESEARCH. Don’t be poser.
      Men, IT IS NEVER OK to make unwelcome advances on a woman, regardless if she is wearing the leather bikini of your most favorite illustrated lady.
      Both groups need to show some fucking respect.

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