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8 Reasons Why Russia's Anti-Gay Bill Can't Stop The Olympics

Hate groups won't have power over the World's Olympics in Stochi

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1. Officials are Too Busy Stealing Money to Care

An Estimated $30bn has been stolen in a gross overbudget-scam. It has so far cost more than the previous 21 Winter Games combined, and not because it's going to be extravagant. The extra $30bn overbudget cost is going to businessmen close to Vladmir Putin. They have incentive to keep this Olympics running smoothly, despite protests and legislation, so it can make more money and cover their tracks.

J.C. Kelly, heading the International Olympic Committee for Stochi 2014, said in response: "I don't recall and Olympics without corruption."

2. The Anti-Gay Bill needs to pass the Upper House

Russia's Parliament, like many others around the world (cough cough, America) has two houses, and upper one, and a lower one. On June 11th, the bill was passed in the State Duma. But it has other processes it must to through to become law.

4. LGBTI Athletes will show up Anyway

Several major LGBTI Olympic and professional Athletes are against the protest. They believe that sports are something to be shared and loved, and believe a boycott will only diminish the quality of the games, not create real legislation change. So instead of boycotting, they are going to show up and perform the best they can, standing their ground as LGBT citizens.

5. Major investors and companies still get their cut (and more!)

Remember Chick Fil A? I bet you thought that the anti-LGBT stance of the company caused it to lose a lot of business, right? Wrong. In fact, their yearly sales were higher.

So what about the new anti-russia Boycott on Stoli Vodka?

Well, the same thing will happen there. The press coverage that Stoli, among other russia brands are getting might actually increase sales.

This isn't new either, Huffington Post has a list of 25 LGBT-Friendly products that were targeted by protestors.

If corporations will get their cut, you can be sure they are making sure that the games still go on.

6. If they can't stop Lady Gaga, They can't stop The Olympics

Lady Gaga was threatened about her LGBT "propoganda" by the Russia Government. They tried to take away profit and Visa rights for them to perform in Russia.

End result? Nada. She hasn't lost a dime, and may perform in Russia again in the near future.

7. Russia doesn't know how to Enforce the Ban

Russia's legislature doesn't seem to know what it wants. But we do know that, as of this week, they won't jail LBGT athletes and guests during the Games. They simply do not have a unanimous knowledge of enforcement, and are still confused about how they deal with the large number of LGBT protestors that will show up.

As time goes on, it looks like the government is going to have to deal with more internal corruption problems before they can actually organize any sort of enforcement.

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