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    The 10 Easiest Ways To Be An Eco-Friendly Student

    Even the laziest among us can use these easy green-living tips.

    1. Recycle and reuse old paper notes.


    Once a notebook is filled and class is finished, toss any pages you don’t need into the nearest recycling bin.

    2. Test out your green thumb.


    Not only are plants a good way to give your dorm room or apartment a green glow, they also create a calming environment for students. Try nurturing a dwarf lemon tree, aloe vera, or cacti.

    3. Embrace energy-saving computer settings.


    Keep your screen saver on black, closing your laptop cover when you’re not using it to preserve power, and let your monitor sleep after 10 minutes without use.

    4. Invest in green school supplies.


    When you need school supplies like pens, tape and notebooks, look for eco-friendly versions, like corn pens or recycled notebook paper.

    5. Quiz yourself online.


    Try out StudyBlue, Quizlet and Boundless for some online study tools like flashcards and quizzes.

    6. Cut back on snack waste.


    The week before a big exam, make a trip to the grocery store to pick up study snacks like nuts or dried fruit in bulk. Package up smaller portions of these snacks in a reusable container.

    7. Reduce energy loss.


    Invest in a power strip where you can plug in all your gadgets and shut off electricity to the cords when it’s not needed.

    8. Turn in assignments online.


    If your professor allows it, turn in assignments online to cut back on your paper consumption.

    9. Ditch the textbook.


    Several companies offer online textbooks so students can make their study habits more green and save money.

    10. Change your lightbulbs.


    Switch out the lightbulbs in your desk lamp to eco-friendly versions called compact fluorescent lamps (CFL).

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