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6 Things Not To Include In A Tech-Savvy College Packing List

Last week we made you a useful college packing list. We left these 6 things off for a reason.

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4. USB Flash Drive

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Heard of Google Drive? USBs can get wet/smashed/lost and all your files disappear in a moment, whereas Drive is accessible as long as you have internet. You don’t have to carry yet another thing on your lanyard.

3. Blank CDs

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We’re total fans of the "make mixes for people, suddenly become best friends" game plan for socializing, but making mixes on CDs is too old school. Make playlists on Spotify and don't worry about scratches or all your hard work getting lost under a pile of laundry.

2. Textbooks

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Textbooks are heavy. They’re made of trees. They’re hard to study from. You can easily use an online textbook that not only weighs zero pounds and uses zero sheets of paper, but also includes flashcards, quizzes, and cool learning tech.

1. Landline phone/calling card

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Some college packing lists include this... there’s actually no reason at all for it. You will have cell service and internet in your dorm, so save yourself the money of stepping back into the ‘90s and just…don’t.

By using a tech-savvy packing list you're making everything easier on yourself, lighter on your movers (a.k.a. Mom and Dad), and more organized. Good luck packing and remember to look over our college packing list!

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