18 Students In Every College Class: As Told By Puppies

Seeing the same people semester in and semester out? Check out their adorable canine doppelgängers.

18. The one guy who is always, always nodding off in class

17. The shy student who always has really good ideas to add to the discussion

16. The guy who thinks he is right until he speaks out loud

15. The snacker

Always munching.

13. The well-intentioned overachiever

Incredibly sleepy, but trying to pretend otherwise.

12. The besties

Inseparable. They are roommates, classmates, and best mates.

11. The really cool girl

You wish you could pull off any of her fashion choices. Don’t even try.

10. Her well-dressed friend

Can’t touch this. (But you can follow this on Twitter.)

9. The guy who is kind of losing control of his life

Kind of completely. He needs to get organized and use some helpful online study tools.

8. The freshman who has no idea how she got here

7. The one girl who actually did the reading last night

“Anyone else have something to add? No, okay…”

6. The guy that really likes the subject and clearly was the first to sign up for the class

5. The struggler who is always late

4. The roommate who never wins a bet

And never learns, either. You’re used to their odd antics by now.

3. The guy playing games in class

You can’t help it – you watch over and over as he falls shy of a high score.

2. The student that absolutely adores the professor

1. And everyone, before draining a cup of coffee.

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