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18 College Problems As Illustrated By Cats

Cat problems = college problems.

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1. When you wake up five minutes before class

2. When you get distracted for hours instead of studying

3. When you see your textbook prices


Don’t worry, kitty. There are affordable textbooks that will save you tons of cash.

4. When you’re productive for a moment, then get totally derailed and give up

5. When you get home after a long day of classes and get under the covers and never want to leave again

6. When you say something stupid and realize your professor is right in front of you

7. When you realize you have a ten-page paper due tomorrow

8. When you know you should study but really just want to nap

9. When you try to work out in your tiny dorm room

10. When you mentally prepare to make a million flashcards for studying


But you don’t actually have to. Get them pre-made!

11. When you check in on your friends during finals week

12. When you take your first lab course

13. When you can never meet your professor’s high expectations

14. When you forget about healthy food because ramen is your life

15. When you have read the same page five times but have no idea what it says

16. When your roommates want to have fun but you’re having none of it

17. When you’re trying a new look but none of your friends approve

18. When you ask your roommates to help you clean

Whenever you're having college struggles, think of the kittens. Everything will be okay!

Because kittens exist.

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