13 Moments From Harry Potter That Are Basically You In College

You may not have received your Hogwarts letter when you were eleven, but you can still dream.

1. After every midterm.

2. Sometimes you don’t sleep enough and say feisty things without thinking.

3. You have people over to your dorm room every once in a while –

4. School breaks are weird.

5. But homesickness hits at the most unexpected times.

6. Textbooks are ridiculous.

And sometimes notebooks have fragments of dark wizard soul in them… Get affordable textbooks and study tools instead.

7. When stressed-out roomies write passive-aggressive fridge notes.

8. Study groups before tests just stress you out more.

9. And this is the extent of your conversational skills while studying.

10. You’re far too involved in far too many things.

11. Trying to be modest when you got the highest score in the class.

Because you used Boundless to get your studying done!

12. A sleep-deprived interaction with friends during finals week.

13. And here you are starting to study , every day.

You got this. You’re practically magical.

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