12 Colleges With Weird But Potentially Useful Majors

“So what’s your major?” “Uh… it’s real, I promise!”

12. Texas A&M University: Poultry Science

You’re chicken if you aren’t taking a chance on this major.

11. Bowling Green State University: Popular Culture

One positive: never be out of the loop in any social situation. One negative: sound obnoxiously academic when discussing the merits of late-night television.

10. Carnegie Mellon University: Bagpipe Performance

The major was established in 1990 and has only had three graduates of the art since.

9. Edith Cowan University: Surf Science

Hit the books and then hit the waves? Sounds beyond cool, and appropriately Australian.

8. University of Nevada at Las Vegas: Entertainment Engineering and Design

This major is wildly useful considering the place where it is being taught: Vegas.

7. University of North Texas: Jazz Studies

Along with the required courses, majors have to wear cool sunglasses and snap in rhythm at all times (so we’ve heard…).

6. University of Connecticut: Puppet Arts

If you’re going to learn to be a puppeteer anywhere, do it in the most highly-celebrated puppetry program in the nation, right?

5. Appalachian State University: Fermentation Sciences

Aaaand suddenly you get invited to a lot of parties.

4. Plymouth State University: Adventure Education

Adventure Education majors take courses inside the classroom, sure, but they also have rock-climbing, backpacking, and other adventurous outings.

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3. Belhaven University: Sports Ministry

Students are trained to be managers and administrators of sports programs as part of a Christian vocation. That’s not hyper-specific at all…

2. Eastern Oklahoma State College: Meat Processing and Food Safety

Wait, why isn’t this more of a thing? Should we be checking degrees at steakhouses?

1. Anything you want!

If your school has an Individualized Major Program, and you can concoct a good enough plan … you can do whatever your heart desires! Take for example this Indiana University student who was the nation’s only magic major. MAGIC, GUYS.

Whatever your major is, check out these affordable study tools that can help you grab that degree.

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