10 Ways College Freshmen And Seniors Just Don’t See Eye To Eye

A lot can change in four years.

1. What seniors think freshmen look like

What freshmen actually look like

2. What seniors look like

What freshmen think seniors look like

What freshmen think seniors do

4. What seniors think freshmen do

Paying full price at the university bookstore.

What freshmen actually do

They save money by buying online textbooks instead!

5. What graduation is like for seniors

What freshmen think graduation will be like

6. What seniors remember of freshman orientation

What freshman orientation is actually like

Oh right, just as awkward as you remember it.

7. How seniors feel about talking with freshmen

How freshmen feel about talking with seniors

8. How seniors feel about midterms

How freshmen feel about midterms

9. What seniors do during finals week

What freshmen do at finals time

10. What seniors do on Sunday morning

What freshmen do on Sunday morning

At least we can agree that pajamas are the universal Sunday brunch uniform.

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