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8 Episodes Of Girl Meets World That Every Boy Meets World Fan Needs To Watch

Are you a Boy Meets World fan that hasn't yet caught on to the phenomenon that is Girl Meets World? If this is you, here are the episodes that you MUST watch.

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"Girl Meets Brother" Season 1 Episode 15

Cory and Topanga celebrate their anniversary and Riley babysits Auggie. This episode is filled with wonderful Matthews' family moments and flashbacks that will make you go "AW!"

"Girl Meets Home for the Holidays" Season 1 Episode 16

The Matthew's family comes together for Christmas in this episode. Some familiar faces include Alan, Amy and Shawn. We even get to see what Josh looks like all grown up!

"Girl Meets Pluto" Season 2 Episode 5

Cory, Shawn, Topanga, Riley and Maya go back to Philadelphia to dig up a time capsule in Mr. Feeny's backyard. What they uncover in the time capsule will give you all of the feels.

"Girl Meets Hurricane" Season 2 Episode 9

Angela returns in this episode and we learn what she has been up to since we last saw her over 15 years ago. You might want to mentally prepare yourself for this one.

"Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes to Washington" Season 2 Episode 10

In this episode, Eric is the underdog running for Senator with the help of Riley, her friends, and someone from his past. Will their campaign help get Eric elected?

"Girl Meets the New Teacher" Season 2 Episode 11

Mr. Turner, who happens to be the superintendent of schools in New York City, comes to John Quincy Adams Middle School to settle a dispute between the principal and a new teacher. The new teacher's job is on the line due to her unconventional teaching methods and Mr. Turner is the perfect one to solve it.

"Girl Meets I am Farkle" Season 2 Episode 15

This very special episode brings back characters from Boy Meets World, but more importantly really captures the essence of its predecessor. This episode will show you why this series is so important for children's television.

"Girl Meets Cory and Topanga" Season 2 Episode 16

In this episode, Riley tells Maya stories about Cory and Topanga when they were kids. As she tells the stories, we see an extended flashback from Boy Meets World which results in the most nostalgic episode of the series.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Girl Meets World are available now to stream on Netflix!

**Episode numbers were given as listed on Netflix

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