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10 Reasons Why We All Need A Best Friend Like Maya Hart

Girl Meets World at its core is a show about true friendship. Here are all of the ways that Maya Hart is the type of friend that everyone needs in their life.

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We all need a best friend like Maya Hart because...

1. She understands true loyalty

and will be by your side with no questions asked.

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2. She has a great outlook on life and gives great advice.

3. She has a wild side and will push you to take risks.

4. If you're having a problem, no matter how big or small, she will always be there to protect and comfort you.

5. If you're feeling down, she knows just the way to cheer you up.

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6. She knows how to guide you in the right direction if you lose your way.

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7. She has a genuine care and concern for your happiness.

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8. She loves you for who you are

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and will never want you to change.

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9. She will always have your back

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and stick up for you when it's needed most.

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10. Even though at times she can be brutally honest,

she will look out for you in times of trouble

and always be your number 1 fan!

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