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Story Unfolding In Real Time: Woman Getting Slammed On Social Media For Abandoning Her Pet Dog

Beware: Pet owners that abandon their pets, Social Media will come back to bite you! Woman who abandoned a puppy she had just adopted is now getting slammed on Social Media and is now forced to go find the dog and show proof that the dog is doing well!

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A girl adopted a puppy, promised to stay in touch with its previous caretakers who rescue dogs till she suddenly started avoiding phone calls and preventing the caretakers from checking up on the dog. The girl later informs the caretakers that the dog has been passed on to a friend's friend and did not share any more details. The caretakers got really worried and the girl started play phone tag and out right refused to give any information.By this point the caretakers got really worried that the dog might have died, and turned to social media to see if anyone could help finding information on the dog. Within a few hours, the picture has started spreading like wildfire and people are absolutely furious with her and are demanding she respond with the information.The latest is, the girl is apparently frantically searching for the dog's new owners and show proof that the dog is ok. Lets see what happens next!
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